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Gabriela - September 11

Can I take Tylenol PM


Tanya - August 12

THANK YOU!! "J" obviously you must me a guy, so find a d__n website for guys. or one for MORONS!!!! As for Gabriela, honey check with your Dr., mine allowed me to take tylenol, but I have had friends who were told not to, there may be a possibilty your Dr will say no, because its PM, not just reg tylenol, there may be something in it that may be too strong for your baby to handle. I am trying to have another baby myself, i have two now, I am just off depo-provera (4months 1week) and I am very impatiently awaiting my period, I don't sleep well at night, I uasually use simply sleep from tylenao, but I have chose not to, in hope I have a period, and am able to conceive, i do not want to risk having a slight addiction to the pills. Good luck.


Jill - August 14

Gabriela, Tanya's right. Check with your OB because the ingredient in Tylenol PM is acetaminophen-tylenol, then the PM ingredient is diphenhydramine, which is Benedryl. It just makes you sleepy, and stops itching-anti histamine.


kellie - August 15

Gabriela the best thing to do is check with your doctor i have had 4 different ob docs for 4 different babys and they have all allowed me to take tylenol Pm to help me sleep but only after the first three months. the best thing to do if you dont know is call your doc office even if it is after hours you are at least watching out for your little bundle of joy Good luck


Melissa - August 15

I would def. ask your care provider, but I would not take anything but plain Tylenol. If you are having trouble sleeping my OB has always told me to take Unisom, only 1/2 a tablet a night. Good Luck!


Val - August 23

No you should not take tylenol PM because it has additives to help you sleep which could be harmful to the baby. Plain tylenol is fine and will help you get a better sleep.


AH - September 2

off course its always better to check with your OB. However, i am in my 11 th week now (still in the first trimester) and i have insomnia since i got pregnant. my Ob allowed me to tkae the PM once every couple of days. Good luck


Pam - September 5

I'm 15 weeks pregned and taking tylenol sinus regularly. The Ob told me it should be ok. Check with yours


J is stupid - September 9

"Answer: Yes Tylenol is fine if you insert it in your a__s and receive a pearl neckless before you sleep." J, you must have had a terrible life if thats the way you take tylenol. Normal people, (which is a definition that is above your head.. that I'm speaking in terms more complicated than your non-exsistent brain can handle) all people that are not you, can read the instructions on a bottle of tylenol. I feel sorry for whatever (I'm not sure if it could be a mother) brought you into this world. Hopefully, they're in a special hospital right now.


Amber - September 11

I used it once...i think i was 4-6 weeks prego, But the baby so small i don't think it harmed it any by then, but i don't think i'll take it again after reading your guys reponses. i'm 11 weeks.


Kelly - January 13

I am 8 weeks pregnant and am having trouble sleeping. Can I take "Simply Sleep" by Tylenol or will it hurt the baby?


melissa - October 23

i am 34 weeks pregnant is it ok to take tylenol sinus


Lisa - October 23

I have a pregnancy book here which list all the medications and the risk a__sociated with the (a) TYLENOL COLD - has Dextromethorphan and Pseudoephedrine and is a risk factor C, meaning links to birth defects have not been completley ruled out. Also may be responsible for heart rate disturbances, minor birth defects, herniasm, and clubfoot; but research inconclusive. Use as directed by your physician and avoid any alcohol-containing preparations.



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