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kimmie5 - February 15

Hi. I'm 36. Mother of 5 healthy children. I am taking u/p clomid for two reasons. My husband recently had a vascectomy reversal, and I'm hoping to have twins. But I will be happy with whatever I get....I am on day 5 of clomid. I haven't had many side effects. Slight headache, but have noticed my period was much heavier. Today it is a nasty dark brown color (sorry). That usually doesn't happen. So we will start trying in 3 days-everyother day. I will start Robitussin and aspirin tomorrow with my prenatal. Wish us luck!


bump - March 1



Teddyfinch - March 2

what cycle days are you taking the clomid? if you take it too early, you run a higher risk, of miscarriage due to underdeveloped follicles.


kimmie5 - March 25

Teddyfinch- you are right. ..bad experience. I took Clomid 2-6. had a faint positive 2 days after af should have come. So happy. Then the bleeding came and was horrible. I also broke out ALL over my face with weird zits. My emotions were out of control. I hesitated this month, but decided to try days 4-8. I had a positive opk yesterday, so we'll see what happens. If it is anything like last month, it will be the end of my u/p Clomid days...wish us luck!


WD - March 25

hi ladies. I wonder how the Clomid thing works. My doctor told me a little about it and she said if you are considering trying this pill come back to me on your third day of your cycle. (I was like 9 days late on this period, she wants me to take the provera which is to push the period out) done a blood test came out negative, so was thinking to take the provera starting today. I am currently 24, been ttc on the past three months. (unnormal period cycle). Do your ladies think I should try the Clomid on this month??? I will appreciate your opinion.


Krissy68 - April 1

Hi Kimmie5 - This is my second cycle of taking u/p clomid I'm 39 and I had a TR back in 03 and had my 4th daughter in Oct 04 but prior to me having her I was on prescribe clomid 50mg unmonitored because of my age. I am pushing 40 in June and I wanted one more baby I would love a son to carry on my father's last name. Oh I took my clomid on days 2-6 as of today I'm on cd 21 and AF is suppose to be here on the 12. Krissy68


kimmie5 - April 4

Hi Krissy68! I am cd27 today (10/11dpo). I took 2 Target hpt's and had very faint lines on both yesterday. Then I took two this morning from cvs and they were both very faint positive. I am on my way to walmart to try another. Hard to believe I may be. I had no symptoms with the Clomid this round....I would normally have AF tomorrow morning....still scared. We'll see!! Let me know how it is going for you.


Krissy68 - April 4

Kimmie5 - I'm on cd 24 6dpo. I should be getting AF next Saturday and I hope she keep her ugly self away from me. How are you feeling? Did you make it to walmart yet? Did you test again how many test is this now for you? I'm keeping my fingers cross for you and stay positive this is your month you will be having a baby here is to a healthy 9 months. What mg of clomid did you take and on what days did you take yours. You know I want to test so bad today but I'm going to be strong (I think) Krissy68


kimmie5 - April 6

I am definitely pregnant!!! I'm embarresed to say I started testing daily a week ago, and the past 3 days I went through 10 tests...lol...horrible. They were all negative until 11 dpo. And even then they were so faint! I used 50mg Clomid 4-8. Orginally hoping to have a multiple. At this point I will be happy with one healthy baby!!! We are leaving for vacation til next Sunday. . I will keep you in my prayers and hope you have the same outcome!


Carolina73 - April 6

I'm going to start u/p clomid pretty soon!


Krissy68 - April 7

Kimmie5 - I'm so happy for you. Have fun on your vacation. Keep us posted. I'm on cd 27 but I think AF is on her was as scheduled. Will let you know. Carolina73 - Hi, when will you be starting clomid? I will be starting as soon as AF show up which I think she will be on schedule which is this saturday, this will be my 3rd cycle but I think i will be doing 100mg this cycle. Let me know we might be cycle buddies. Krissy68


Carolina73 - April 7

Well, I was going to start on this next cycle after I get off the BCP's (which is in a week) but unfortunately, I keep spotting and my AF isn't due until Sunday. Odds are my pills and other stuff won't be here in time, so I'm goiong to wait until my next cycle. It will be good for me to get off the BCP's for a cycle before trying though. I ordered my clomid through mexmeds4you . They're good about keeping in touch and read a lot of great reviews so hopefully it goes well. I'm planning on taking 100mg. Because I haven't heard of many twins/triplets on just 50. You know?


kimmie5 - April 17

I will be 6 weeks on Friday. I have a doctor's appointment Friday, too. I believe he will do bloodwork and schedule me for a v____al ultrasound because of my age.....I am really hoping for twins....and I'm glad my husband is functional again..haha...how is it going with you guys??


Krissy68 - April 17

Kimmie5 - I'm glad you are doing okay and I hope you have twins. Keep us updated on your doctor's visit. Well I am on cd 7 and me and my better half got into it and he left well he had to go to his mother's house to help her do some things but he more then likely will not be back until Wednesday next week so this might not be my month after all. I'm thinking about just being by myself. Krissy68


Carolina73 - April 18

Keep in touch Krissy. We're worried about you. Let us know how things are going.


Krissy68 - April 18

Carolina73 - You are so sweet for being concerned about me. I am doing a lot better and we made up. I think I am just extra moody this month because sunday is my daddy's birthday and he and my mother have both pa__sed. I will be getting my OPK today and starting that on sunday. I see you are still waiting on your meds they will be here so you will be all prepared come next month. Krissy68


Carolina73 - April 18

I sure hope they'll be here soon. They should be here somewhere between today, andnext friday a week from now.



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