U S Tomorrow To Confirm Breech

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Kaz - May 17

Hello Ladies, just would like to know if anyone has had a Breech before and what the procedure may be. I'm 38 wks and am worried that I'll be booked in for a C-section. What if I'm booked in when I could possibly go the 2 weeks over and the baby turns in the last week? I hope this makes sense.


P - May 17

I had a c-section at 39 weeks because of a transverse (sideways) breech. Didn't care much for the procedure but the recovery was no problem. If your baby is feet first they may let you try to give birth v____ally. My friends baby came out a__s first and it was not pleasant. The procedure itself is very quick, I think I was in and out within 45 mins. I didn't like not feeling my legs at all!! I was feeding my little girl within 30 mins. My procedure did have a slight complication in that she didn't want to come out!! lol My scar is a little longer and they had to cut my uterus vertically instead of horizontally which means if I have more children it will be by c-section again for sure. I have to tell you I did find the whole procedure kinda scary. I've never had any kind of operation so it was all very new to me. Afterwards was fine once the feeling came back to my legs. Call me lazy, but I liked my catheter lol Don't worry too much. If your baby is breech it'll be safer for both of you to have it scheduled rather then having an emergency c-section.


Kaz - May 17

Thanx heaps P. My main concern about it was that I'd be drugged up and not able to feed and bond straight away. You recovered easily, Great, I've heard so much about how long it takes to recover after a C. Thanks again


Katharine - May 17

They may still try to do an external version to flip the baby, but it would probably be tough at 38 weeks.


Alexis - May 17

I have had 2 c-section so far, my daughter was breach she had one leg extended and I had already lost too much fluid for them to try and turn the baby.So I had a c-section it was quite scary at first because it all happened so fast. But she was out pretty quick and I got to b___stfeed her once I was in the recovery room. The recovery at home went well too I was up and about 2 days later and I mean cooking and cleaning .With my son I already knew what to expect and it went smoothly. With this one I am also having a c-section and I'm not scared.Good luck and I hope everthing goes well.


P - May 17

I didn't feel loopy or anything just really tired after. As soon as I got the feeling back in my legs I was up going to the washroom. I still had the catheter in but you still need to clean yourself off with peri bottle. The nurses were really great too. Bring them chocolates. There's nothing with sucking up!! lol


Kaz - May 17

Thank You so much each of you. You've helped me feel much better about it. I'll be back in a few hours after my U/S, and a long awaited trip to the loo.


Maleficent - May 18

my daughter was breech and fliped on her own at 38 weeks. we never worried about a c-section because my doctor did breech deliveries. but IF you end up going with a c-section they are much better when they are planned and prepared for. talk to the doctor and nurses about keeping baby with you. tell them you want to nurse as soon as possible. have your husband or someone else advocate for you since you may be a little groggy. good luck at your U/S.


Kaz - May 18

Hello again. It's an extended leg breech. The u/s put me back to 37.5wks so I'm thinking it still has time. I've just been at my sister inlaw's, watching TV, lying on the floor with my b___t in the air and my feet on the couch. That got it moving a bit. Contractions over last couple of days are becoming a tad uncomfortable so I'm determined to make him move. My Doc wants me to discuss options with a specialist at the hospital. I'm not as worried now. Some would be pleased to have a Bub however it arrived so I am really lucky. I've been a bit selfish. Thank you for sharing your experiences.


~m~ - May 18

My first son was breech. I went to the hospital at about 38 weeks because of contractions. I was dilated like 1 1/2, so they were going to send me home, but before they released me, I asked them to do an ultrasound to see if he was still breech. At my last ultrasound, I found out that he was. So anyway, he was still breech, so they didn't even release me. Just took me straight to the maternity floor OR for a C-section. They didn't want to risk my water breaking with the baby still breech. Then my 2nd one was breech too. My doc offered to do that thing where they push on him to get him to turn, but he said sometimes that causes the cord to wrap around things, so it wasn't worth it to me. I had another C, and will have another one if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant with baby #3. Some people have bad experiences with C's, but I didn't really. With my first one, I had a hard time recovering quickly, but the 2nd one was a lot smoother. Good luck!


Kaz - May 18

Hi ~m~. Yes, I've asked my Doc about that External Cephalic Version. He thinks of it as like turning a spring and that it'll just twist back anyway. Says it's a 50/50 chance of success but yeah there are risks of breaking bones and also shearing the placenta causing bleeding too. In that case they'd have to do an emergency C. I still feel a bit confused what to do about it and my specialist appt isn't until Monday. Oh well, we'll see. After last night, sleeping with pillows under my backside, I think the heads still up high but it feels like some bumps might have rearranged. It's a waiting game.


Maleficent - May 19

if i was in your shoes (and i never have been so take it for what it's worth) i'd go ahead and schedual a c-section. a planned section is much easier than an emergency one. you can prepare mentally, and line up some help from friends and family for afterwards. my baby turned on her own but i would have been fine with a c-section if she hadn't.


Kaz - May 19

You're right Mal, I am grateful for these shoes, despite my whinging, they have been kind. The ECV does sound a bit risky, it's not worth it. I'll settle for a C if that's meant to B.



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