Ugh Spotting Issues

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snickelfritz - January 22

After having spotting starting at 3w0d with ds, I was so excited to not have spotting issues with this pg. But this morning at 6w0d, I woke up with a dark red spot of blood in my panties. It's not huge... about half the diameter of a nickel. I'll be calling my OB tomorrow. With Colin, my spotting was due to marginal previa (which started out as a low-lying placenta), but it usually occurred after s_x. At my first ob appt, I mentioned some cramping and pain that was localized to one side and my OB mentioned that it could be due to a CL cyst getting a bit abnormal. Perhaps that's what is causing this? Also, yesterday, I went to a recruitment fair for my school and spent about 5 hours on my feet. Could that be it? I haven't had any more spotting today, but I am planning to call tomorrow and let my OB know about this. Any ideas/input? Like I said, I've been through spotting before (had it practically once a week until 31 weeks), but I was hoping to not have to deal with it this time.


snickelfritz - January 23

Bump! I could really use some input and encouragement here!


SaraD - January 23

I am 5w 3d and just had brown spotting yesterday.My Dr told me to stay off of my feet and on bed rest until I can see her today. I was also on my feet non stop for the past 2 days prior to the spotting.I haven't had anymore since I have been off of my feet.I'll write you and let you know what the Dr says it might be.Take care.


snickelfritz - January 31

I haven't had any more! My u/s is a week from today and I will feel so much better just seeing the hb!


krc - January 31

hb? whats that ?


nanny03 - January 31

I had the brownish/ pinkish spotting off and on for almost a week now. I found out I was pregnant last week by a home preg. test. But I do have one question for ya'll, if I have some red mixed w/ pink, is that bad? I had that today after a BM. I didn't strain or anything. I went fine. I was just wondering if I did something down there. No cramping or anything. But that blood scared me. Can anyone relate?


snickelfritz - January 31

Nanny, call your OB and tell them. krc, sorry it is a short way of writing heartbeat. I use hb on my other message boards.


nanny03 - February 1

Hey, I called my OB nurse asap yesterday and she called back and said that what happend is perfectly normal for some women. I feel alot better knowing more worrying to death. lol...



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