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Maddie - May 20

Ok, I've been looking at pictures of births, and I'm starting to get freaked out by the gore! I didn't think it was going to be squeaky clean, but I don't want my husband or my mom to view me sprawled out screaming, with blood coming out of my va___a! Please tell me that in most hospitals, the husband can be up at your shoulders and that there is a sheet of some sorts that can cover your legs so you can't see the blood and va___a! I gotta know, what is the normal scene in the delivery room? I really don't want to see my va___a at all. I just want to hold my baby when it's all over! Thanks =)


Lily - May 20

Of course!!! I'll be honest with you, I don't want to have mirrors or be able to see the process either! Talk with your Doctor and make sure he knows what YOU want, he might be able to get you a tour of the Maternity wing or recommend a book or magazine on childbirth. Take lamaze or parenting cla__ses in your area, they might be able to give you more information. Good Luck :)


Maleficent - May 20

in the hospital where i delivered my daughter my husband could have gotten up into the bed if he wanted and i could lay back on him for support. it would have been nice, but she came so fast there was no time. he watched the whole delivery and was not grossed out at all. he said it was the most amazing thing he's ever seen in his life. your man might be able to handle it, but do what makes YOU comfortable.


Carol - May 20

Maddie - I am right there with you!! I want them to put a curtain up so neither my husband nor myslef can see anything!! I really don't even want that to happen to me - I almost wish that I could have a C-section!! At the very least I want a blanket draped over the tops of my knees!


Fabienne - May 20

Yes Maddie ! My husband will stay at my shoulder level: he says he doesn't want to see anything and I understand him. Don't worry :)))


BBK - May 20

Heh he! We got the form for hospital for pre-registration and they had a section called other "other requests". I was going to request a "movie birth" ... you know the one where the woman rushes to the hospital at the first contraction, then baby comes out in 3 minutes of pushing looking all clean and cuddly, and several days old already.....Mother looks great too! If I could only find a hospital like that.....


Karen - May 20

BKK let me know if you find one on those movie births I WANT ONE TOOOOOO.....PLEASE !!!!! Well to give you some comfort a girl I know just had her baby. Her labor was 15 minutes. WOW I was really happy for her but knowing my luck Mine will be 15 HOURS. HAHA


vanessa - May 20

My hubby and I are right there with ya Maddie!!! Neither of us want to see ANYTHING and he will be by my head during the birth. To BBK - "Movie Birth" LMAO!!!


BBK - May 20

Maddie, we toured the hospital yesterday. If you haven't done it I highly recommend it. It put my mind to ease a little bit, plus we got all the paperwork out of the way.


D - May 20

I understand what you are saying... I personally won't allow my mom in the room.. but, the thing is, she had you, so she is well aware of what happens and how NOT pretty it is!



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