Uh Oh Condom Broke

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AJ_01 - April 3

I had s_x with my boyfriend 2 days after my period had ended. To make this as simple as i can say it...the condom broke im guessing near the end as he was ejaculating and well im sure we got some sperm in me, no doubt about it. I freaked out, he was more calm than me, i was cursing left right and center, and he said "you can't get pregnant 2 days after your period" but i beg to differ. I keep track of my period days and the menstrual calendar. So what are the days to get pregnant? I read so much c__p on the net its hard ot believe if its true about conceiving closer to your next expected period. My boyfriend wants to know the cycle a little better, like he read you can't conceive after your period, but i believe you can get pregnant anytime really. Sorry if this is a little unclear, I'm juss a 20 yr. old not really ready to have a baby..... Need some feed back...some advice Thanks:)


AJ_01 - April 3

forgot to ask... what are my chances right now of being pregnant?


corinne - April 3

go to babyhopes.com and click on ovulation calendar on the left hand side it will tell you when you are fertile.


corinne - April 3

Chances are not high


ariete0416 - April 3

I got pregnant 2 days after my period. Sperm can last for at least 4-5 days, it just depends on your ovulation cycle. I got pregnant days after my husband and I had s_x. Good Luck but the only way to know for sure is to take a test and see your doctor.


ariete0416 - April 3

Sorry, let me clarify myself. We had s_x 2 days after my missed period, but the baby was conceived a few days later because the sperm can last for up to 4-5 days. How regular were your periods? If you were regular it would be easier to tell from an ovulation calculator, you can find a good one babycenter.com.


Stace - April 3

When did this happen hun as you can take the morning after pill up to 72 hours after having unprotected s_x. I'd get to your doctor ASAP if I were you just to be certain. By the way I thought it wasnt possible to get pregnant 2 days after your period as ther is no remaining lining in the womb for the egg to dhere to or am I in correct in this a__sumtion. Do not want to give false info.


ariete0416 - April 4

Yes you can get pregnant 2 days after a period. I am walking proof of that. Implantation of the egg into the lining can take up to 14 days after fertilization, so you would have lining to support it. Fertilization and implantion most of the the time do not happen the day you have s_x, so don't a__sume you can't get pregnant right after a period, if you are not ready for a child protect yourself all the time!


CrP - April 4

ariete, you said you concieved two days after a MISSED period?? thats confusing. wouldnt a missed mean that you had already become preg?


ariete0416 - April 4

Sorry...typo. I had s_x 2 days after my period ended...not after a missed period. Good catch. I blame it on hormones...lol


corinne - April 4

ariete how long are your cycles?


ariete0416 - April 4

The ranged from 25-35 days, I was not regular at all. And I did the same as AJ did got on the net, but different ovulation calendars were telling me different ovulation days. That is why I say the only way to know for sure is to take a test and see a doctor.


Been There - April 4

Ariete are you sure? Did you have s_x that one time after your period and then not again until 3 weeks later? I'm just curious because I thought the lining had to build up first and then the egg is released for fertilization.


AJ_01 - April 4

yeah my period is not regualr at all! It never has...i can skip a period, sometimes 2..mostly due to stress....I was on birth control, but i always bled, it never stopped & I got migrains like crazy, my doctor took me off birth control and told me a very small pertentage of women cannot use birth control and believes I am one of them... But i am always cautious, my boyfriend & I always use a condom. So basically im in the same boat as ariete, in looking on websites and checking up on your ovulation days. But thanx so much!:)


robbinsnest - April 4

You can get pregnant 2 days after your period. Everyones ovulation is different.


ariete0416 - April 5

Been There...to answer your question, yes I am sure. I do know when I have s_x with my husband. Like I said every women is different. You do not need the lining to be built up before the egg is released, just before the egg is implanted. Im my case We had s_x Nov. 6th (2 days after my period stopped) and implantation of the fertilized egg did not happen until Nov 23rd, which is plenty of time for the lining to be built back up. Will this happen for every women...no, but this was my story, confirmed by my doctor. One thing that I have learned talking to people about pregnancy is a crazy thing so don't a__sume anything. I had a friend on the pill (who took it like clockwork) and got pregnant. Ovulation is a tricky thing, you can be regular for years and then one month out the the blue it is a week early. You just never know. AJ I wish you the best, it sounds like you did everything right and this was just one of those crazy things, my advice and I know it is easier said than done is don't stress, it can make your period do crazy thing, especially if you are not regular like me. I am sure everything will work out, let us know how it turns out. Best Wishes



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