Ultra Sound Question

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jennifer - April 4

Is 5 or 6 weeks to get an ultra sound done. The doctor wanted me to get an ultra sound done last week when I was 5 weeks and they did see a sac. But, he wants me to have another one done this Friday and I will be 6 weeks. I don't know why I keep having to have this done. This is my 1st pregnancy and my doctor is on vacation until next week. But the doctor that is in with my doctor wants me to have this done. I'm just confused and I'm hopeing nothing is wrong.


Bee99 - April 4

If there was a great concern Id say they would tell you maybe the images he got were not good enough or it was infact to early to have the first scan. I live in Aust so its only been recent that we get a scan at 12 weeks b4 that we only got 1 at 18 weeks and that was usally it. good luck though try to stress too much.


ataylor724 - April 4

I was hospitalized at 6 weeks and they did an ultrasound on me to make sure it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy. At this time they could already see the sac and even told me how far along I was. You may have to have an internal ultrasound. Mine was from the outside and it was fine, but my 10 weeks was an internal so that they could determine if there were twins or not. So no, it's not too early, but it is difficult to pick up early on from the outside


angelinakai - April 5

that is wierd though, bc u/s are really expensive. i would ask why before the next one. if nothing is wrong, your insurance might not pay for it. i did not know this when i got my first one.


Olivene - April 6

I had ultrasounds at 5 weeks and 7 weeks. I think it was because 5 weeks is really early and if your dates are off even a couple of days they may not see as much as they'd like to confirm pregnancy. At my 7 week ultrasound everything was great. Don't worry.


Trish# - April 6

I had weekly ultrasounds starting at 5-6wk but only b/c I was a fertility patient. I am surprised at the extent of your care if you are not a fertility patient. I personally loved getting early u/ss. It gave me peace of mind every week. Most women have to wait until 12 weeks or so for their first look-see. I would say that your care is above average if you are seeing a regular OB. I too would ask the reason for such observation. I doubt anything is of concern or they would have told you, but like Angelinakai said, you may get stuck footing the bill on these.


mandee25 - April 6

I live in Canada so my doctor hasn't scheduled me for an ultrasound until 20 weeks. That seems like a lifetime to wait to see if my baby is okay!!!


Remy - April 8

I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks - they also saw the sac, and they wanted me to come back a week later so they could see the heartbeat.


fara - April 9

hello..i was preg last sept ..went for a scan at 5 weeks..cud not see anything but a sac..dont wori.. dr's just wanna b sure..


Tess - April 10

I got pregnant w/ the help of a fertility pill (clomid) my 1st u/s was done when I was 6 wks and some days along they wanted to make sure if its 1 baby or twins. I would probably say that some Dr. might advice you to get an u/s done that early just to make sure everything is goin smoothly. Nothing to worry.


KellyO - April 11

Most of them do it to determine exactly how far along you are. My doc did it with me.



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