Ultra Sound Question Is It Really Bad For Baby

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Missy - March 7

So, I keep hearing that ultra sounds are bad for the baby? Any opinions? I like the idea of being able to see the baby, and if Insurance covers it, why not? But at the same time, I don't want to harm the baby. Isn't an ultra sound just sound waves too loud for the human hear to even pick up? How can that be harmful....Anyway, just looking for some other opinions....and wondering how many ultra sounds you got during your pregnancy


P - March 7

I've heard they're not really sure about the effects of the ultrasound on the baby so they prefer to limit exposure. That said, I've had four! My sister also had four. As far as I know we're only supposed to have two up here (Toronto, Ontario) unless there is a medical reason for more. My second u/s they couldn't see the heart (they could hear it so I didn't freak), and my third showed a low-lying placenta. I may yet have another because Peanut's breech and I'm scheduled for a c-secton this Friday. Don't know for sure though. The earliest u/s was the best (at15 weeks) because s/he looked like a baby and was small enought to fit in the frame. Later on the baby is too big to see.


tiffani - March 7

Ultrasounds are NOT harmful to the baby. I have had 2 healthy pregnancies and had 2 ultrasounds with each one.


Missy - March 7

I have had 4 already and I am only 10 weeks - once was in the hospital after bleeding, the others were with my Dr at his office (first visit 'cuz I asked for it, second to check my dates, and a third to follow up after going to the hospital) and they say I will have another at 18 weeks to check the s_x of the baby....but I was just curious. Thanks for the replies!!!!!


teresa - March 7

I've had 3 or 4 and just 14 weeks now.. I am high risk that is why i have had so many. As far as i know they aren't harmful, but im not positive.!!


tara - March 7

I heard that u/s is bad for the baby as well a few years back. Where I live only one ultra sound is offered at 18-20 weeks. If there is any more then it's usually because it's a high risk pregnancy and it's necessary. I don't know what to belive but I'm sure jus like anything else overdoing it is not good. Also the Dr. would not send you in for more ultrasounds than necessary.


rose - March 7

i had ultrsounds every other week from 18 weeks right up until the delivery day at 42 weeks...they were worried about my msafp test results....my baby boy was fine.........


Missy - March 7

Rose - what are msafp test? When do they do them? I have never heard of that before...just curious.



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