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Andrea - August 26

My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage at 5 weeks. No idea why. I just got pregnant again. I am 5 /2 weeks along. My HCG levels were 99 a week ago. This week they are 1330. The Dr. is very happy. He also has me on progesterone. I go it for an Ultrasound at 7 weeks. I am so excited to hear the heartbeat. One of my friends keeps telling me to not get my hopes up becasue there might not me a heartbeat, and I could miscarry again. I have no spotting or anything. I keep telling my self this time I am going to stay pregnant. I know she is just trying to make me be realisitc so it won't hurt so bad if I do miscarry again. Is it really that common to not hear a heartbeat with no other signs?


Melissa - August 26

At 7 weeks you should be able to see the heart beating, you will not be able to hear it with a dopler until at least 12 weeks. There is a chance you will not see the heart beating at 7 weeks and this could be for many reasons. Your dates could be off and you could be 6 weeks instead of 7 or even earlier, some pregnancies just don't show a heartbeat this early on, and the last reason would be that the pregnancy is not viable. I do not like having ultrasounds done this early on because it can cause unecessary worry. So, if you go in and don't see the heart beating, don't panic. If your HCG levels are good and rising and you have no signs of problems then I would not worry. I am pregnant with my 3rd and will not have another ultrasound done, we have decided to be surprised about the s_x this time! So, if my AFP blood work comes back weird I may, but otherwise there is really not reason to have one done. They are not always right on the s_x anyway, my first child was a girl until he was born! It is neat though to see the baby on the screen! Good Luck, relax and let your baby grow in a stress-worry free environment as much as possible.



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