Ultrasound And No Heartbeat Please Help

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cheryl - November 29

I had an internal and external ultrasound done at 5weeks1day and there was no heartbeat or yoke sak. Dctor is seeing me again at 7weeks 2days. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I'm so scared the heartbeat will not be present.


Christine - November 29

I went at 5 weeks and a couple days for my first u/s, there was a sac but no heartbeat yet...dont worry yourself...it is probably to early to see either...you may have concieved at a later date, which would make you only 4+ weeks or so which is usually to early to see even a sac..good luck


Lacey - December 2

I went at 10 weeks and they did not hear the heartbeat. They said it was too early. In the book I am reading most moms hear the heartbeat at 12-14 weeks. Do not stress yourself. Just stay positive. If the doctor thought something was wrong, then they would have told you or done something different. God Bless!!! Congrats!!!


Reb - December 2

5 weeks is very early to see h/b on the u/s. You won't hear it by doppler until at least 10 weeks. I know it is hard, but many women don't even have a u/s until 7 or 8 wks just to avoid scaring them like this. Just wait til you go back.


T - December 2

Why did your doctor want an ultrasound so early? This causes a lot of unneccessary worry for women.


cheryl - December 2

thank you for your responses, it helped me get through my worries. good news, i went to the doctor today and saw the baby's heartbeat (7weeks 2days). altough it was so small, it was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!


Sue - June 30

I was told to stop reading things but I'm glad that I didn't listen, this website was a huge help to me, here's why. I am currently 6 wks and 5 days pregnant. Because of a miscarriage last year they sent me for an ultrasound last week at 5 wks and 4 days. The tech's didn't see anything and just said that it was too early. The next day I got the "good news bad news" call from my Dr saying that my levels were climbing as they should but that they just saw an empty sac on my ultrasound, there was no baby. They scheduled another ultrasound a week later, the longest week of my life. At first it didn't sound good they did a regular u/s and just kept asking me a bunch of questions. But then they did a transv____al and there it was a baby with a heartbeat! My uterus is tilted back so on a regular u/s it's going to be hard to see anything not to mention at 5 wks I was still too early to see anything. I encourage all pregnant ladies in the same situation to just sit tight. I know it's hard and it's probably the scariest thing to have to go through right now when you are supposed to be so happy but chances are it's probably just to early for you too. Hang tight and best wishes!! Thank you all who have posted here before for your answers. Positive and Negative I went to my Dr's yesterday more prepared than ever for either good news or bad news!



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