Ultrasound At 6 Weeks Is Not Showing Foetus

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nica - February 3

Hi, I am about 6 weeks pregnant according to a very faint positive I got on Clearblue pregnancy test. But I had an ultrasound today and the embryo was not there! Has anyone had this? I know it might be a bit early to see it but the way the doctor was acting I get the feeling that maybe I'm in for bad news. Has anyone had a negative ultrasound after a postive test? I've had no bleeding or major pain so I don't think I've miscarried...


Jenny - February 3

Hi Normally even if you have a very faint line on the pregnancy test, it still indicates that you're definitely pregnant. At 6 weeks though it would be very difficult to see anything on the ultrasound. Did they not give you an internal test, where they put the scope up your v____a? They can usually see more that way. I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks and they couldn't see anything so they gave me an internal and they saw a very small pregnancy sac. Hope everything goes ok.


May - February 3

Yup they did a V scan at 5.7 weeks and were able to detect the fetus and the heartbeat.


Kelly - February 9

I took 2 home pregnancy tests and a pregnancy test at the doctor's office all had faint positives. Yesterday Feb 8 I go see the doctor and the v____al ultrasound doesn't show fetus. Like you I have had no bleeding or major pain. I just feel like it was too small to see though the doctor feared maybe miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy... confused..nervous..


Meg - February 9

Anything can happen. When I got a poz response and went for an US the doc didn't see anything in contrary she told me that my uterus is smaller than usual. I didn't trust her for some reason because I simply felt different. I have repeated the HPT and somethingstrange is happening to me with HPTs because in the evening I get them poz and i the morning neg etc etc. But to you all, please wait for another week and than go for an ultrasound I will do that I wil wait for one or two weeks more and than I will go. I should be (if I am prego) 5-6 weeks.


Lyn - February 10

Hi Nica. I once experienced this way back in 1997 and now I am 30. I tested positive and had pregnancy symptoms but the ultrasound indicates there was no fetus. My uterus size was bigger for the date and the doctor thought it was ectopic but later found out that it was a molar pregnancy!! It was something new that I learned but bery depressing. The placenta was present, the baby was absent. Maybe it is not that. Maybe it could be ectopic or too early to detect so please try for another ultrasound about two weeks later and see what happens.


Tasha - February 10

I did not have an ultrasound until I was 10 weeks along and even then the baby was so small that they had to do a v____al ultrasound to see it. Did they do a v____al ultrasound with you? If not, that is probably why you didn't see anything. I would request to have a v____al u/s in a couple of weeks if I were you. ~28 wks and 4 days preg.~


Donna - February 10

I has the first ultrasound done at 4 weeks 3 days (v____al) and we could see the sac! I has another (not v____al) at 7 weeks and we saw the heartbeat! Good Luck!


kate - February 10

At 6 weeks a heartbeat should be present.Are you sure your dates are correct?



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