Ultrasound No Heartbeat

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sm - March 4

I just had my 9 week ultrasound and they could not find a heartbeat. I am going back in 4 days for a second opinion/ultrasound. Has anyone had any exeprience with this and had a postive result?


kim - March 4



sm - March 4

I hope that is the case or maybe I am not as far along as they thought. I just needed some positive ideas to make it through the weekend. Thanks for the info.


michelle - March 4

You can't hear the heartbeat using a hand held doppler until 11 weeks but you can see a heartbeat on an ultrasound screen as early as 6 weeks (if not earlier). Good luck to you.


jackie - April 12

I just had a v____al ultrasound last week on what was my 7th week and no heartbeat. I was told that maybe I ovulated late and not as far along as I thought. Went back a week later (yesterday) and no change. I was told that the baby never developed a heartbeat and I essentially miscarried. Good luck to you!


BabyTiger - April 12

Had my first u/s at 7½ weeks. Saw the very strong heartbeat. Going for my second u/s tomorrow at 9½ weeks--hopefully the baby's growing as it should.


Jayme - May 16

I am going through the same sort of situation right now. I had an ultrasound. The baby is measuring 6 1/2 weeks, which should be right, but there was no heartbeat. I have to wait 10 days and have another ultrasound.


marie1 - September 17

Have them check your HCG hormone level. It should double each day. That is another way they can check to see how your pregnancy is going.


berie - September 17

This has happened me this week too.I am 8 weeks pregnant and the doc found no heartbeat so I have to go back next week to have another one.But I was sent for hCG test to check levels.The doc said to me "Do you feel pregnant?"And you know what -I don't.He will take me in for a D&C next week if no change.This is my 3rd misscarriage.It is the waiting this time taht is hard.Good Luck to you.


berie - September 19

to sm,how did you get on at the u/s today?I was thinking of you all weekend.


ac - September 21

I did my ultrasound the first time yesterday. doctor said the fetus is 9 1/2 weeks with no heard beat. they don't think it will continue growing. should I go with D&C or just wait for natural miscarriage to happen. tks


kris A. - September 21

To those that have lost their babies on this thread - my deepest sympathies. January 15 I had the same thing (baby stopped developing at 6.5 weeks, m/c at 8.5) and hubby and I held each other crying all night. For about a month I couldn't let go of my dreams for my new baby - my hubby's first. We then found ourselves pg again in March, and now 31 weeks, we are so grateful for this miracle, and wanted to pa__s it on because when we lost our first I was afraid to even try again - didn't think I could face another m/c. Now I am very glad we tried again. Again, deepest sympathies and best wishes to you all.


ac - September 21

I know you can get pregnent again maybe 2 weeks after the misscarriage taken place. But if I want to reduce next misscarriage, when will be a good time? should I wait for example, 6 months, just for body to recover from last misscarriage??


to ac - September 21

i had a mc around the begining of this year and I waited about 4 months to get pregnant again I wanted to give my body a chance to recover and I also started taking pre-natal vits and I am happy to say I am now 20wks along in very healthy pregnancy so it would prolly be best to wait a short time however long you feel is best and then try again...good luck..take care



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