Ultrasound Pinched Kidney

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venus_in_scorpio - July 3

at my 20 week ultrasound the doctor is sending me to a high risk doctor for another ultrasound because they see the kidney tube on the baby "might" be pinched but its "probably" nothing to worry about... has anyone had this? and another question is it OK to go for a 5th ultrasound???? they want me to have a fifth one!! they said everything else looks normal though..... ??? what could this mean?


Patti - July 3

I had the same thing w/ my first pregnancy. I had at least 6 u/s. Every time my son's one kidney was a little larger than the other. They thought it was from a pinched tube. After I calmed down ( I was very worried, of course) I realized people are born with one kidney and live fine with one. The good news is they did any u/s on his kidneys after he was born and they were both normal. They couldn't tell me why, but I was just thankful everything was okay. BTW, he's 15 and has never had any kidney problems ever. I think having another u/s is just fine. I know it's absolutely terrifying to think there's a problem, but try to hang in there and stay relaxed. I hope everything turns out okay for you and your little one!


mcatherine - July 3

I lost a child at 22 weeks to a fatal kidney defect (not to worry - he didn't have any kidneys at all) so with this pregnancy, we were very worried about kidney problems in general. When they located both kidneys, they first told us the right kidney had a cyst on it. 4 ultrasounds later, the one kidney was larger indicating a problem. We heard the pinched tube theory a long with a few other possibilities. Perinatal (high risk) started with Level II ultrasounds and told us that sometimes one kidney can appear larger (especially in little boys) but everything works itself out as they grow and it turns out just fine. And they were right - I am 31 weeks and have had 15 ultrasounds thus far. My son has two normal kidneys and they now measure the same size. He is actually measuring at 34.5 weeks - weighing in at a whopping 4.8 pounds! Let them take care of you and your baby - there is no one better to give you an ultrasound than a perinatologist. Not only does the tech do it, but the doctor does it himself, too. And you get to see so much more of your baby. Not only will they check the kidneys, they will check every millimeter of his/her little body to make sure it functions properly - and it is very comforting not to have to worry about other problems. And you don;t have to leave wondering - they will tell you right then. Multiple ultrasounds are ok for the baby since they are soundwaves. Like Patti said, hang in there and try to relax - your doc just has to make sure everything is fine. Good Luck!


venus_in_scorpio - July 3

thanks ladies. i did think its a boy but we couldnt tell because it was sittign with its legs crossed. haha. im sure everythings OK i just know anytime things are done without my doctor o get shipped off to another specialist, turns out nothing is wrong... its frustrating...


venus_in_scorpio - July 5

bump -sorry just seeing if anyone has any more random tidbits of info on this



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