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thanks - November 14

If you just found out you were pregnant for a total of 4 weeks, woudl a blip show up on an internal va___al ultrasound or would it be too early?


J - November 14

I don't know about four weeks, but I had an internal one at 5 weeks and I could see a little dot and a heartbeat


thanks - November 14

Thanks for responding. I was just wondering.


Tess - November 15

Same here....I think 4 wks is too early to tell. I got my v____al ultrasound when I was 6 wks and I saw a little peanut look a like and the yolk sac. :) good luck to you.


Tracy - November 15

I had one at 4 weeks and 2 days due to bleeding. We say something in the uterus, but that is it. I went back at 6 weeks 3 days, and that is when we saw the fetal pole and heartbeat. Hope that helps!!! Congratulations!!!!:)


Dustie - November 15

At 7 weeks we could see a b___terbean shape & the heartbeat flickering.


thanks - November 15

When can you see if it is ectopic or not? Can you tell from blood tests? Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I do not know. Thanks-


Tess - November 15

To thanks, if you got a positive result from blood pregnancy test its not ectopic pregnancy. Ive read this one article on "what to expect when you're expecting" (great book btw) It says there that if you got a positive result from your blood test, its not ectopic. Oh here's a good one I found on google "By 5.5-6 weeks of pregnancy (1.5-2 weeks after the missed period) all normal pregnancies should be seen by v____al ultrasound. 20-30% of ectopics have no detectable sonographic abnormality. The usual finding for ectopic is a ma__s on one side, some fluid in the pelvis, and no normal pregnancy structures in the uterus. Conclusive diagnosis of ectopic by ultrasound can only be made if fetus or fetal cardiac motion is seen outside the uterus. This is only seen in about 20% of ectopics with v____al probe ultrasound." Hope that helps.....


thanks - November 15

Thanks again gals. This is my first pregnancy, so I am very green when it comes to this stuff. I think my dr wants to schedule me for a 6 week ultrasound. Hopefully we will see something.


thanks - November 15

I have been feeling cramping on my right side on and off, like I did too many crunches. Is that normal? That is why I am concerned about an ectopic. I am getting my blood test tomorrow, so I guess we will know either way. Thanks again for your advice and reponses.


Shawna E. - November 15

To "thanks," I want to clarify something about ectopic pregnancy (I have had one)... yes, you CAN get a positive blood test for an ectopic. I certainly did. An abnormally slow rise of HCG levels is one indicator that the pregnancy might be ectopic, yet these numbers are often easily enough to give a positive result. My HCG numbers for the ectopic were in the 400 and 500s, rising very slowly over each 48 hour period. It was not suspected that I was miscarrying, because the numbers WERE rising, and yet the doctor knoew the pregnancy was not normal, because normal pregnancies have an HCG count that doules approximately every 48-72 hours. Because of this slow rise, a transv____al ultrasound probe was used, and the empty sac (the baby had already succ_mbed) could easily be seen in my right tube (I could see it before it was even pointed out by technician). I was 6 weeks and 4 days along. I just wanted to clarify that for you, since you asked.


thanks - November 16

To Shauna - looking back, did you get any cramps more to one side than the other? for all I know, it could just be what side the baby implanted.


To: Tess - November 16

Shawna Is right I have not had an ectopic but I have had a ruptured cyst and that was one of the things that they tested for was an ectopic pregnancy because they didnt know what was wrong with me even if the fetus has started to Miscarry with an ectopic they told me that it will still show a Positive Pregnancy!


To: Thanks - November 16

Cramping is 100% normal (as long as it is not severe) If you ask some woman you know if they had cramping most of them will tell you that they did it is not something to be concerened about it i am 6 months prego right now and i had it for the first 8 -12 weeks or so and my little girl is very healthy


thanks - November 16

But cramping only on one side? That sounds odd to me. If the baby in in fact in the uterus, shouldn't the whole thing contract? Why am I feeling cramps more on the right side? SOrry I am probably just being paranoid being my first and all. I appreicate all your advice. What do you think?


Kathy S - November 16

No, the pulling and cramping doesn't always happen all over. mine are always on one side or the other. I have heard ectopic pain is much much more severe than mild uterine cramping. Probably more along the lines of how you would feel with appendix pain. Sharp cutting hurting pain, not just cramping sensation. cramping sensation is normal.


Shawna E. - November 16

I actually had no pain or cramping with my ectopic, just strange bleeding (like a light period, but with "old" looking blood) and a positive test... plus those slowly rising abnormal levels. Pain doesn't always occur with ectopics, especially if caught early. But, there is a type of one-sided pain that can be a__sociated with a perfectly normal pregnancy. Some pain can come from the follicle that released the egg on one side or the other. After the egg is released, a little cyst forms (called the corpus luteum cyst). Those who are very sensitive to change in their bodies might "feel" this cyst on one side. If the pain is severe (especially when pressed from the outside), or if your left shoulder hurts, or if you bleed "prune-colored" blood, then you should get consecutive quant_tative HCG blood tests to check the levels. This can give the doctor an indication even before an ectopic is seen on ultrasound.



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