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Alex - December 13

I had a ultrasound today at 18 and half weeks. I have had pressure down below but no pain, almost like a bladder infection. I asked my doc to call out a prescription for a bladder infection cuz I have had to go constantly. Anyways, at the ultrasound the baby's head was down low on my right side with it's face facing my back. They asked me to come back in 4 weeks cuz they could not examine the face. Is it normal for baby to be in this position? Is that what is causing the pressure?


K - December 13

At 18 weeks your baby has a lot of room to move so the baby can change position quite a bit if he or she wants to. I don't think her position is that unusual. She is probably pressing on your bladder. My little girl does that to me at some point almost every day (sometimes for a good part of the day and it happens when she is on the right side) and she has been doing it for several weeks (I'm 28 weeks). It is a feeling of pressure and I have to go constantly when she gets in that position. I swear she thinks my bladder is a pillow and bounces up and down on it. Sometimes when she gets in that position I can push on her and get her to move over, but not always. I wouldn't take any prescription medication for a bladder infection unless your doctor tested you and was sure you had one.


April - December 13

Yes, I have had a number of bladder infections, and peeing alot does not mean yuo have one!! When you feel like you constantly have to pee - but you really don't - that's a sign, and usually when you do pee, there's burning.


Alex - December 13

Thanks ladies, I was worried cuz it is head first like birth position. I was just nervous. I am not going to take the medicine. I think that was it.


jb - December 13

Yes at my ultrasound at 19 weeks the baby was in the same position. They move around alot at that stage and the baby probably moved positions by the end of the day. I came back for another ultrasound 3 weeks later and the baby was laying side ways face up. So dont worry.



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