Ultrasound Said A Boy A 13 Weeks

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KLC - September 28

Hi...I am wondering what everyone elses experience has been with this. I am about 13 weeks pregnant and had an ultrasound done yesterday and the tech said that she was 85% positive I am having a boy. I thought you couldn't tell that until later in the pregnancy has anyone else found out this early and if so how accurate was it?


pbj - September 28

From what I understood one could not distinguish for a few more weeks, and that would be only if the baby were outside the womb. I know some women have been told as early as 18 weeks, but 13 weeks, I've never heard of; he/she may just be a really good sonographer. Maybe someone else has.


jb - September 28

She may have saw what she thought was a boy, but it is still really early, so I wouldnt take that as set in stone. When you get one later on and they still say boy then you can be pretty sure.


teigan - September 28

it depends totally on who is doing the scan, some are really good and know your bits and bobs like the back of there hand, and others make mistakes, 85% is a good percentage. you can see at this stage as at 3 months the babys genitals have formed although extremly small, if unsure re schedule a scan and have a check, are you dissapointed its a boy?. i dont care what im having. i found out last time i was having a girl, but a boy popped out. i was as excited as ever


KLC - September 28

Well we were hoping for a girl but as long as the baby is healthy and everything goes the way it should we don't really care. I just really felt for some reason that we were having a girl funny huh?


D - September 28

yes, my doc did that to me as well with my first....she was almost positive it was a girl and then when i went in formy 20 week ultrasound it was a boy.....It's hard to distinguish that early because their genitals looks similiar....I thought for about a month we were having a girl then, oops....here comes the peepee......


Amy - September 28

i was told at 16wks 5d it was a BOY


kl - September 28

i was told that you had to wait until atleast 16 weeks to determine the gender


heather - September 28

I found out with my son at 16 1/2 weeks that he was a boy.. and sure enuf he came out a big boy.lol a big big boy..lol some times you can tell early..


Lena - September 28

Interesting that your tech thought it was a boy since external genitilia doesn't differenciate until week 15. At 13 wks the internal organs are differentiating between boy and girl, but externally its impossible to distinguish between s____m and labia. I would say your u/s techs accuracy is 50% - 50% chance she is right, 50% change she is wrong.


Dustie - September 28

Sometimes girls are swollen and if the ultrasound is too early, it can be deceiving. Don't go buying any blue stuff just yet.


me - September 28

My sister was told boy at her 14wk ultrasound, and it turned out she was earlier than expected. Wer'e sure it's a boy because his stuff is plain as day. Mine's a girl. Hate to say I thought I'd be dissapointed but I wasn't at all.


J - September 29

I was told I am having a boy at 13w 5d. My u/s tech said - 100%. I think it all depends on the position your baby takes during the scan if his gender parts are visible, etc. And probably the type of equipment is also important, if it's a bit outdated then may be you won't be able to see everything clearly. I have 3 set of u/sound pics made in different places and at different weeks and some images at 13 weeks look much fussier and unclear than the ones I had done at 10 weeks. So it all depends.


mechelle - September 29

i had my first ultrasound done at 15 wks. the tech said she was 90% sure it was a boy. i went in at 23 wks and she then said 100% sure it's a girl. my opinion now is that you never know til it pops out!!!


js - September 29

13 weeks is too early to tell - like what was already posted. At 13 weeks all of the genitalia is outside the baby's body so it's still up in the air...



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