Ultrasound Sex Prediction Wrong

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April - May 4

I had an ultrasound at 21 1/2 weeks that said I was having a girl... and then another one at 25 1/2 weeks that also said I was having a girl... but the lady doing the ultrasound said that it could just be undesended testicles (although this WAS on april fools day so she was probably joking)... is this possible? What do you think the chances are that it could be a boy? I hope it's a girl, I have all girls stuff...


Misty - May 4

I had an almost similar thing. I was told at 20 weeks we were going to have a girl. Picked out the name and all kinds of clothes. Had a pink baby shower for a little girl. Then went so far as to cut all the tags out of the clothes and fold and put them away so there would be no tags to scratch at my little girls skin. Then the doc took the final u/s at like 32 weeks to make sure the baby was o.k. and facing the right way and everything and he stopped on some round objects and told us "see those, that is why you are having a boy" We were like...we weren't having a boy!! So yes, it is definately possible. That was over 2 years ago and we still have the little girl clothes in a box since we couldn't return them. If we have a girl this time we will already have a head start on the clothes shopping. :-)


lily - May 4

Why are you still asking , didnt she tell u a % , because they usually do, sometimes it happpes when they tell you is a girl it can be wrong because the b___s can be in a way that looks like girl , that happend to my mom my brother was a girl all her pregancy and she got everything pink and when that boy came out everybody freaked out, but who knows , good luck


April - May 4

No... they never said a percentage... it was pretty obvious it was a girl when I went for my 21 1/2 week appt.... but then that comment about undescended t______es at the 25 1/2 week appt. freaked me out... haha.. but she said that after my sister mentioned that it was April fools day and that she should tell me I was having a boy... who knows.. haha.. I just hope she's still a girl!


Misty - May 4

If it was pretty obvious then hopefully they were right and you are having a girl. My doctor never gave me a percentage either. And I never saw anything that meant it was a girl. So after finding out he was wrong the first time I guess he just didn't see any b___s so he a__sumed it was a girl. Wether the baby was facing the wrong way the t______es just hadn't decended yet I don't know. Later experiences though let me know just what a c___ppy doctor he really was. I never did see an u/s tech. He did all the u/s. So who knows. Maybe if it had been done by an u/s tech I would have been told right the first time. GL to you hon. :-)


monica - May 5

has anyone ever had the experience where the u/s looks like a boy but its actually a girl?


D - May 5

They are wrong sometimes - but I think probably most of the time they're right. As for the undescended t______es.... it is absolutely possible! My brother had to have surgery when he was a couple years old to remedy this problem...


chel - May 5

When I was in the hospital having my second child, the lady in the room next to me had a boy. She'd had high blood pressure and some other health problems. Because of this, her doctor did an u/s each month the check on baby. He told her each time it was a girl. She had a boy.


Silby - May 10

Has anyone ever had the feeling that you are having a boy/girl and the ultrasound is the opposite to what you want or what you think you are having. I had an U/S at 19 weeks and it said it was one thing but I am totally convinced its another thing because she did not show me - can other people please share there experiences with me with their U/S and if they were right or wrong - I am going for another one as my husband and I are not convienced - and mother knows best - having a hard time dealing with this so some advise and guidance would be awsome



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