Ultrasound To Determine Pregnancy

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Heather Williams - July 11

I had an ultra sound to determine if I were pregnant or not. She gave me an Regular ultra sound and then she said that she was going to give me an Vaginal ultra sound to see things more clearly. After the tests were done, she did not give me the results, she told me that my doctor should have the results tommorow. I was afraid to ask if I could have any results at that moment. Do they normally make you wait to get the results from your doctor, or is something wrong and she does not want to be the one to break the news?


jenny - July 3

I would like to know the answer also, let me know when you find out.


Kera - July 9

If you are too early then an ultra sound may not show you if you are pregnant or not. If you are unsure go buy a pregnancy test and take it yourself tonite or tomorrow morn. MOst DR's use a urine test or blood test to determine pregnancy unless you know you are far enough along for an ultrasound to show signs of pregnancy.


Heather Williams - July 9

I am 12 weeks late for a period, that is why they gave me an ultra sound. I had pregnancy tests and blood work, everything was fine. I was even checked for thyroid problems, which came out normal. Im still waiting for my results.


lynn - July 10

well Heather have you found out anything yet or not?


Melissa - July 10

It is normal for the ultrasonographer to give the results to your doctor. In fact, they have to. They are not allowed to discuss results with you, that is you doctors job. The only time they can discuss the ultrasound is when you go in for the anatomical ultrasound at around 20 weeks. They will show you all the parts of your baby at this time, but if there are any problems they will wait for your doctor to discuss them with you. It does not mean that there are any problems with the ultrasound you had, just that your doctor needs to be the one to discuss everything with you. Good luck!


Heather Williams - July 11

Thanks Melissa, I feel a little better about the whole situation, I thought that something had to positively be wrong. Im still waiting for the results, Since the holiday pa__sed, alot of stuff got pushed back and they are still catching up on things. I hope they have the results on Monday, Im so scared. The weird part is every once in a while I think I feel a flutter sensation, maybe its just gas, I'll just have to wait and see. I will eep you all updated in case you ever go through the same thing.


hello - July 11

i'm in Ontario so it might be different here than other places but everytime I've had an ultrasound they wouldn't let me see at firstbut whensee was sure everything was normal she let me see the baby and tol,d me whar and where everything was this time she even showed me how to tell it was a girl



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