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Lumina - October 14

I am so excited. My first ultrasound is finally today. I believe the dr. told me to drink 40 ounces of water an hour before the ultrasound. Did I hear this right? That is like 5 cups of water right?


Charity - October 14

They never told me to do that?


M.A. - October 14

Never heard of it. I don't think it's possible. Maybe he meant a day. I've never heard of having to drink or eat anything before an u.s. If you drank 40 oz. an hour, you wouldn't have time to do the u.s. You'd be in the bathroom the whole time!


Lumina - October 14

Sorry, that was typed wrong. I meant to say 40 oz an hour before the ultrasound, not that much every hour. I guess you can see the baby better if your bladder if full?


Charlene - October 14

Yes, you need water, but it can be different for everyone. On the back of my requisition form, it says to drink 6 8oz gla__ses up to two hours before - well I have learned that this is just too much for me. I have tried 4 and still been too full. They have you empty some. But, it was so uncomfortable with such a full bladder. The water helps with the transmitting of the picture. If they do a v____al u/s, then you don't need to drink, but you won't know that until you actually get there and the tech tells you. Drink what you can and good luck.


M.A. - October 14

My dr. has me give a urine sample at each visit, before he sees me. So I'm always empty by the time I'm looked at anyway. And they never told me to drink water for the u.s. This is totally new to me, but I think I'll try it before my ultrasound Monday.


ss - October 14

You are always told to have a full bladder. It gives a better picture. If you're bladder is too full it is soooooo uncomfortable - i remember last time they let me go pee a bit to let some out but i couldnt stop and had to let it all go. Had to sit in waiting room and drink more water for a hour til my bladder was full again


Jessica - October 14

Another thing you can do is drink some orange juice before your ultrasound so that the baby is awake and active. This way the baby will not be stuborn and have its legs closed. So maybe you can get a good shot of the s_x!


F - October 14

Im gonna go next week to get a ultrasound and the doc told me the same to drink alot of water at least 40 oz ...


Jenn - October 14

my doc and u/s tec told me you only really need to drink a full water bottle 1 hr before not 40 ozs I did for my first one and they made me empy 2 cups because i was to full you just need to be alittle full not so you are uncomfortable


M.A. - October 17

Well I drank the water this morning before the ultrasound. I drank a 16 oz. bottle from 8:30-9:30, but my husband and I had to do some errands before the appt. and I almost peed my pants! I was wearing light gray pants, so I really didn't want any accidents. I had to stop at a conv. store, and the B.R. door was locked, so I ran to the "employee's only" B.R. I drank another 16 oz. bottle of water on the way to the dr since I emptied my bladder. It seemed like I was waiting forever, so I told the receptionist to let me through the locked door to go pee. I went ahead and gave my urine sample while I was going anyway. By the time I got in the u.s. room I had to go again, but I held it. After all that, I asked the u.s. lady if having a full bladder helped to see the baby better, and she said NO! This was a 2D, and it worked on some ultrasounds, but not that kind. As soon as she opened the door, I didn't even wait for the dr. I just dashed into the bathroom for a third time! So before you fill up on all that water, you may want to make sure it'll help for the type of u.s. you're having done!


Lumina - October 17

Well everything went really well I think, and it was a good thing I drank a litre of water an hour before my appointment for this ultrasound. I could see the baby's heart beat beating like crazy! I think she said the beats were 178. Is this good? She also said I had a good yolk sac...what is that?


val - October 17

The yolk sac is a little ball that grows early in pregnancy to help give the baby nutrients and supply it with red blood cells before the placenta and baby's organs are fully developed. In my first ultrasound at 7 wks 6 days you could see the outline of the yolk sac, the baby was actually sitting on it LOL anyway it looked like a little round ball.


val - October 17

At my first ultrasound(v____al) they actually had me empty my bladder before hand. I had to give a urine sample later, so I didn't know how I was going to empty my bladder for the u/s and then 20 mins later go again for the sample, but I guess I pee a lot more now because I had no problems going both times!


ally - October 18

your bladder doesnt need to be that full where ur not comfy



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