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butterflye878 - March 9

I found out I was pregnant and went to the ob. I have always had irregular menstrual periods and can not remember when my last one was. They performed an ultrasound that said I was 6 weeks but you could only see a gestational sac and yolk sac. I went to back for another ultrasound about a week and a half later. It measured the CRL of my baby and said I was approx. 7 weeks and 3 days. I was wandering how accurate these measurements were because I was trying to figure out when I conceived. Also at my second ultrasound the gestational sac showed a few days older than the CRL and I was wandering if anyone knew why?


missycc4 - March 9

I heard that the earlier you have the ultrasound the more accurate they are. Then in the last few weeks of pregnancy they are not as accurate. Thats what my Dr. told me on my last appt which was Wednesday. 3-7-07


tk07 - March 10

the u/s measurements are very accurate, Dr's even change due dates because of these measurements. as for the growth, babies have growth spurts, some babies fall behind a couple days and some get ahead. nothing to worry about, especially since the little bean is bigger!


jennysi - March 10

doesnt the age of the baby include 2 weeks or so when you weren't actaully pregnant though?? just because i thought that dates are calculated from the 1st day of your last period and obvioulsy you dont conceive at that point. i would a__sume that you actually conceived 7 weeks and 3 days minus 14 days ago so you conceived roughly 5 weeks and 3 days ago


sososleepy - March 10

Hi b___terfly. Ultrasounds are a science all their own. I liked this site, just scroll down to the text: " standard beginning. brooksidepress.org/ Products/OBGYN_101/ MyDoc_ments4/ Ultrasound/ 1st_trimester_ultrasound_scannin dot htm " You'll have to replace the dot with . and take out the spaces.


sunshine7610 - March 11

Hi b___terfly. If you had an u/s that showed the baby measured 6 wks then had another u/s a week and a half later that showed the baby was 7w3d, then it sounds like you're right on track. The measurements are very accurate at this early stage of pregnancy. If the gest sac is a few days older than the CRL it's not a big deal. It's still very close. And it's an average of 3 measurements so if you're plus or minus a week, it should be no big deal. The difference is millimeters anyways. Hope this helps!



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