Ultrasounds And Gender Determination

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JenniferB - June 17

At 21 weeks I had an ultrasound and the technician said that she couldn't see the gender because the baby was breech and the legs were together. The doctor came in and got it in a position that they saw something and asked the tech if she thought it was a boy. They agreed but didn't sound too sure. Have any of you, or someone you know, been told the wrong gender? I have another ultrasound in two days. I will be happy with a healthy baby so it doesn't matter. Just wondering.


mary mb - June 17

yes i know several girls that have been told on thing and had another but in my experince boys are easy to tell no matter what way they are but like i said they are never 100% how are u carrying is it low and like a ball and usually when u are having a boy nothing changes much just your belly grows


Soontobemom - June 18

I used to work at a toy/baby store and we had people returning things all the time b/c they were told one thing and surprised with another. That's how my first try at determining s_x was. My baby had her legs together, and they did think it was a girl but did another ultrasound a month later and told me 100% girl. Next time you have another ultrasound, ask em to check again. The baby should have changed some position and as the bigger they get the easier to determine.


sophandbob - June 18

From what I can gather there are more mistakes of girls turning out to be boys than boys turning out to be girls. The only way you can tell 100% is through a test like amniocentesis, but these are never done just to distinguish the baby. It is great that you have the att_tude that you don't care so long as it is helthy. The sonographer is 99% certain we're having a boy, and we'll be perfectly happy is bob becomes a bobette when he's born - 'cept being gutted about having to trapse to the shops to take back so many trouser sets!


HannahBaby - June 18

i had my ultrasound in May, first they said boy, then a few minutes later said girl, then a few minutes later said boy again, i have a 4d us in a month so im not buying anything until then


JenniferB - June 18

I have another ultrasound tomorrow. I will let you know what they say. :0)


mandee25 - June 18

Yes they can get it wrong sometimes. A lady that works with my sister was told she was having a girl all along and it turned out to be a boy. After she was told it was a boy she said, "are you sure?" LOL



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