Ultrasounds In Canada

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michelle - May 18

hi im just wondering how many ultrasounds u get when u r pregnant, some say just one others say 2 . the last one being at about 30 32 weeks of pregnancy. so they say.


Bethany - May 18

I have one at 12 weeks and then again at 24 and then again right at the end. I also live in canada


bethany - May 18

I HAD one sorry


Jill - May 18

I had one at also at 12 weeks and again on my 22 weeks.Then again this coming 36 weeks. I live in Alta


Syn - May 18

Hi , i am having 3 at least and I live in Canada. i had one at 8 weeks to see exactly how far along i was. then the normal one at 19 weeks ( think it normally betwwen 19 and 22 weeks). my Plasenta was to low (baby won't be able to get out) so now I am having one at 31 weeks. it the placenta has moved a bit but not enough I wll likely have another at closer to the due date. but i know of people who had 1 ultra sound and others who had 2. hmm, I even heard of way more being done.


amanda.d - May 18

I usually have three, my dovtor says its because he likes to follow what the doc's in the states are doing.( I live in sask.).I had one when i was 14weeks to see how far along i was (i am 18w2d), and i am going to have one at 27 weeks and one at 35-36 weeks to see baby's positioning.


EL - May 18

Hi! Due to some pregnancy complication, I was having ultrasound for more than 10 times. Are there any side effects?


P - May 18

I had 5. 1st at 15 weeks to check age, 2nd at 19 weeks to check growth, 3rd because they couldn't see everything in the 2nd, 4th because I had a low-lying placenta which moved out of the way and the 5th right before I had my c-section to confirm the little squirt was still breech. In all of those u/s they couldn't tell if she was a girl or boy!!


Lovely - May 19

I'm in Manitoba, and we usually have one, unless the doc thinks there is a problem, or wants to 'check up on things' later on, or more if he needs to confirm the due date ect. In a healthy, non-incident pregnancy... expect one.



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