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Breanne - October 18

This is an odd question, so bear with me here. All right, so I have never heard of a doctor messing with a woman's r___m during a pap. But, my recent discovery has freaked me out as my husband and I are moving, and I'll be switching doctors. I thought a pap was a pap and that it included the quick "feel the ovaries" test and such, but nothing involving the doctor sticking her fingers up my ass? Now I'm really stressed out, just praying I won't get a doctor that performs that. What does everyone else think? Yay or nay for your doctor? And also, I know that patients have rights, but also that doctors have requirements, so if I were to specifically say none in the butt, would it be all right? I have to admit I feel that many procedures involving women are unnecessary and a violation of privacy. I understand being tested for cervical cancer, but I believe some of the other methods are a load of c__p, and if this is added to the list, I am going to be p___sed off.


hi - October 18

during pregnancy-close the the end the doc will swab your rectum for a certain bacteria that can be harmful to the baby during delivery. usually it is with a big q-tip, not a finger. But I don't no any other reason for that-sorry,


Em - October 18

Hmmm...In my 12 years of going to OBs they have never (including during pregnancy) checked my rectum.


Never - October 18

Have regular paps and this never happened


A - October 18

I have had my dr have her fingers in both holes to feel my ovaries and make sure there are no lumps for regular paps. I have been to more than one dr who has done this.


Karen - October 18

they do this to feel your uterus and you can ask for a nurse to be present. If not, they can't force you.


becky - October 18

Sounds like that one Friends episode when Joey went to get his pants altered, and the guy seamstress copped a feel! lol...sorry, it was too funny!


Alycia - October 18

Breanne - I have heard of this, so you're not crazy for asking. In answer to your question, you absolutely, 100% have the right to refuse any medical procedure, no matter how much pressure the doctor puts on you. As an aside, 99% of all cervical cancer is caused by the s_xually transmitted virus HPV. Some HPV strains cause genital warts, but those are not the strains that cause the cellular changes that can lead to cancer. IF - and this is a big if - you and your husband were both virgins when you married and have been absolutely faithful since, there is very little reason for a pap smear. I am not in this category (both dh and I slept with others first), so I opt for annual paps. A dear friend of mine who is in that lucky category (and a third year med school student) declines yearly pap smears. Just a little info for everyone's edification. :)


nhb - October 18

The only time an OB/GYN has checked my rectum is during pregnancy for Group B Strep . . . I'd decline routine rectal checks, personally. The pap smears I go for though . . .


to Alycia - October 18

Maybe you should ask your med school student some more questions about how HPV can be contracted. Although it is catagorized as an STD, you do not have to have s_x to get it. Genital contact with a person who is infected may also cause the virus. Some people get pretty close to having s_x. No penetration technically means you are still a virgin, but rubbing parts (skin on skin) is really all you need to do to become infected.


cont. to Alysia - October 18

infected with HPV.


Alycia - October 18

To "to Alycia," you are absolutely right. I just have a pretty narrow definition of virgin - I should have been more specific.


Breanne to Alycia - October 18

Your post was incredibly helpful - I am honestly very thankful to you. I am a very modest person and paps freak me out; to think of anything more is upsetting for me. It is very good to hear that I am not alone in the idea that I don't need yearly paps; my husband and I are both Christians who waited until marriage for s_x, and have absolutely only ever been with one another. STDs or the after effects have never been a worry. Armed with what you've told me, I am going to meet with my new doctor and be very open about what I will and won't have done during the pregnancy. I already knew I could refuse any tests on the baby, but I wasn't sure if doctor's had policies for treating women. Thanks so much.


to Breanne - October 18

Mine never included that during paps. I've had at least 7 gynos so far. One of my pals goes to the same one as her mother, and they both get rectal exams every time! I can understand the bacterial concern before delivery or a hemmroid problem, but anything other than that I would tell your doctor your uncomfortable and want to decline


Becky - October 18

Every gyn I've ever been to has done the rectal part. I believe it is to feel the uterus for any abnormalities. Looks like this is routine for some doctors, but not others. I was freaked out at first, too, but I figured I was already in the uncomfortable position anyway, so I may as well let her check whatever she needs to keep me healthy. This is better than finding out down the road that I have some disease that couldv'e been prevented or treated early on, but I didn't let them check. I figure with pregnancy, a lot of modesty is going to go out the window anyway, so if this freaks you out, you may want to think about what will happen if you decide to get pregnant.


Breanne - October 18

Thanks for the advice; it sounds like there's a little bit of everything. Keep it's interesting to see who does and doesn't. I am wondering if it's a generation thing; older vs. younger? lol, Becky, apparently I have some warped logic because to me it is not scary to give birth; it is scarier to have a pap done. Yeah, I know about pain and such...but with birth, there's sort of something else going on to deter the focus from my v____a. With a pap/physical, it's all about me!


Erin - October 18

Hmm... lots of differing views here. First, I am a virgin who still has her annuals because of that 1% that may not be caused by the std. Second, I had heard women experience the rectal exam at the end of pg, but have heard that although some docs check internally, the exam only needs an external check right around the rectum... and my OB didn't even do that. I have gone to three different doctors for annuals and none have ever done a rectal exam. I don't see anything wrong with saying no if you're uncomfortable with that. Good luck!



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