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Jenice - April 4

Ok, this might sound like a really naive question, but I figured it was better to ask and find out than to keep on worrying...I'm a month late for my period. I've done hpt's and they all said negative. I took a urine test at the doctor's office (with first morning urine) and it was another negative. I've had most of the symptoms of pregnancy, and lately I've been excessively hungry and tired. I've gained weight around my midsection, but I feel as though I've lost weight in other places (my body's moving weight around...) and my "fat pants" (you know, the ones you wear when you're bloated and menstruating..) are very tight in the midsection. My eating pattern hasn't really changed recently; in fact, I've been eating healthier lately! I have a doctor's appointment coming up, to find out what is going on. I've never been pregnant before...but do you think it's possible that I am now? Even with negative results? (If it's even a remote possibility, I want to be taking extra good care of myself, just in case.) Also, I've had discomfort and pain in my abdomen during the last few days. (both I know it isn't my appendix!) Any advice would be great!


Misty - April 4

Normally blood tests will pick up if you are pregnant or not, nut I have heard of a few women who were and the test said that they weren't. I would take good care of myself while I waited to go to the doctor anyways though. It can't hurt anything, even if you aren't pregnant it would be good for you. Good luck, oh yes, also if you just started or got off of the depo shot it is known to ccause some women to stop getting their period, because it makes the body think it is pregnant, so you stop ovulating, that could be a possibility I guess.


<Amy> - April 5

My cousins baby is due next month, her af never came and tests were negative up until 5 months. After that the doctor didn't need to keep doing tests as he could feel the baby! The tests can't trace it in some women.


Cathy - April 5

You could still be pregnant with a negative result. Some women never get a positive test. One explanation could be that you are pregnant and further along than you might think (some women have periods in early pregnancy). After a certain time a pregnant woman will stop getting positive tests because the placenta stops making the hgc hormone as it's only needed early on in the pregnancy to help prevent miscarriage. I dont mean to worry you but I thought I would mention it because it does happen. Cathy



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