Under 25 Is There Something Wrong With Me

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Jayce - April 5

I've never been pregnant and I'm under 25. I've been scared a few times but the test results always came back negative. would you guys have any advice for me now that I'm not scared but ready. I would like to start a family with out paying a professional for any assistances. Does counting the days of your cycle then wait to your fertile days to have s_x really work. Maybe you can tell me some of the things doctors have told you . My period is very regular and come on around the same time every month. I'm not sure what to think I just no I don't want to miss out on the joy of being a mother and the love that comes from a child of your own. can any one help me.


jena - April 5

it takes on average a year for anyone to conceive, even though you are young. yes, it does work to have s_x on your fertile days - which are about 14 days after the first day of your period. it's best to have s_x every other day - every day is too much for the sperm to replenish themselves... start having s_x when your period ends and then do it every other day for two weeks to cover your fertile times. good luck and don't stress or give up or anything - it just takes a while! :)


Foxy - April 6

Yes, having s_x on the days you are ovulating does increase your chances. Whatever you do, DON'T get depressed if it doesn't happen straight away because it doesn't mean there's a problem. Like Jena says, it takes a year on average and can take even longer even if there's no problem. You're young, so the odds are very much in your favour. Good luck!


Karen - April 6

Jayce you have to relax and let it happen. When my boyfriend and I was trying nothing happened, but when we relaxed and just see what it happen I got pregnant. Dont think about getting pregnant when you are having s_x on your fetile days just enjoy and it will in good timing. All the best


Maleficent - April 6

get the book "taking charge of your fertility". it will tell you everything you need to know about charting your cycle and improving your odds of getting pregnant. i highly recomend this book. it's how we got our 2nd baby after nearly a year of trying. funny how baby #3 snuck up on us. :o)



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