Underweight And Having Trouble Concieving

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amylei7 - April 26

I have been off birth control for 3 months now. The first month off of the Ortho Evra Patch, I got pregnant. I miscarried soon after that with heavy bleeding and some cramps. The past 2 months I have tested negative for pregnancy but have had a few of the symptoms. I dismiss the chance of early miscarriages because it only would discourage me. Do you know if there is a correlation between being underweight and having trouble carrying a baby. I'm not terribly underweight. I'm 5'4" and 100lbs. My husband blames my miscarriage on my weight. What do you think?


nms - April 27

Hi amylei7. I had a miscarriage last July and I was underweight then (5'2" and 90lbs). But the doctor didn't say it was because of my weight. Now I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I am still underweight eventhough I'm eating healthy and taking supplements. I know underweight people may have problems getting pregnant, but never heard being underweight caused miscarriage. Hope you won't get discouraged and stress out about your weight. And I hope you'll get pregnant soon too.


dancr_grl16 - May 16

hey im 5'4 and 100 lbs and i am not having a problem carrying my baby im now 20 weeks and the dr says its fine...


austynsmommy - May 16

weight has nothing to do with conceiving.


Kristin72 - May 16

Actually weight can have alot to do with conceiving. But it would not be the reason for your miscarriage..unless your are limiting your calorie intake while pregnant and the fetus can not get all the fats and nutrients it needs. Often women who are underweight have a hard time getting pregnant and are reccomended to gain some weight to create ideal conditions. Women who have fat stores around their abdomen make an ideal situation to become pregnant so that the baby can use the mothers fat stores when needed for nutrients. Yes, being normal weight or ideal weight is best for trying to conceive. Being underweight can often limit your chancees to conceive. Ask your doctor what your ideal weight should be and he can give you some pointers for creating the ideal environment for conception. Good Luck


angie m - May 16

I have had 3 healthy babys and had no complications in pregnancy and was only 100lbs or less when I got pregnent every time. I am sorry that your husband blames your miscarriages on you. I'm sure it is painfull enough to have a miscarriage with out having someone blame you for it. Good luck and don't blame yourself.


frankschick2001 - May 17

I don't know if being underweight is related to miscarriage, I know it can hamper your efforts in getting pregnant. The bottom line is, you want to be as healthy as possible. If you feel you need to gain a few pounds to be an ideal weight drink two or three milkshakes a week! Seriously, it will give you some weight. Regardless of what other posters say, weight has a significant effect on conception. Under and overweight people sometimes go months without a period, irregular cycles, or are anovulatory. Having your husband blame you must be terrible. I kind of know how that is, because after my miscarraige, I felt that kind of "blame" vibe coming from him as well. As long as you don't have an actual eating disorder, just keep trying, but try putting on a little weight (even if its just to shut your hubby up) as see if you have better luck.



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