Unexpected Pregnancy I Feel Overwhelmed

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Ken - September 3

Okay, I just found out my wife is pregnant. I am freeking!! It is completely unexpected as financially, we are nowhere near where we want to be. I just finished grad school was lucky enough to find a job in the tech industry despite the recent decline in the job market especially in the tech field. I have enough stress at work being the fact that it is new. I have to really work hard to make my mark in the company because I know there are many more out there who would replace me in a heartbeart. I just can't think of having to support my wife emotionally while she goes through this when I know things will be tough at work as well. I just don't know how I will be able to be there for her in the end of the day. I am not sure how I will be a father, how to be a role model for my kid. Oh my God.!!! This is so crazy!! Any advise out there?


SaRaH - September 2

Take it slow! you will be fine!! Alot of things in life hapen unexpectedly!! You wont get more than you can handle!!! CoNgRaTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Viv - September 2

One step at a time. The baby isn't going to be here until next summer. Your company will know what you are made of long before that. Your wife is stronger than you think. The baby will be looking for an attachment figure for several years, not a role model. Hold your head up, smile, and be proud!


Eva - September 2

Having a baby is overwhelming for even those who are planning a pregnancy. You are not alone in your feelings. Try to relax. You have 9 whole months to prepare and accept this wonderful new adventure you are about to take. I agree w/Viv, your company will know what a hard worker you are before this baby arrives and your co-workers will be there to guide you through once the baby comes. Don't expect too much out of yourself. I am sure your wife is as scared as you are right now.


April - September 2

I hear exactly what you are talking about!! I am the one pregnant and so scared! It was unexpected. But honestly... one u see that bump start to form it will be ok! Your wife will be able to handle herself.. I am alone ALOT, live in boyfriend works alot of hours, therefore do not see him till 9:30 at night, a half hour after that I am ready for bed... and gone in the mornign before he gets up! I have learnt to deal with things on my own. Dont worry now... its still 9 months.. THATS a logn time.. almost a full year. Im sure u will be fitting in quite well by than at work! Listen to the women that post here, most of them know what they are talkin bout!


Colleen - September 3

Take a few deep breaths because it will all be alright in the end. Try to share your feelings with your wife. I am sure she is just as scared and worry. You can support each other through this. Congrats!



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