Unique Baby Names

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Belle - February 12

Me and hubby always said that we are going to give our children unique, unusual names, you know not the everyday names you hear...I'm only 12 weeks and don't know wether its a boy or a girl yet, but were thinking about names already...Anybody any suggestions???


SaraH - February 12

oops meant to say "...his wife when she met him the 1st time..." not "...his w/ when she met him... ."


Noodle - February 13

my daughter is called lilah, and we also want to use freya and tidus!


Kiersten - February 13

What about Dinah for a girl and Trenton for a boy?


tryin44 - February 13

Well, my boys names are ASHER McKENZIE, DRACO BOWDIE. Our girls name is ROWENA ALEXANDRA> have fun name shopping


sahmof3 - February 13

Some people I know with unusual names.... StellAnn, Kelicia, Janessa, Lach (boy... pronounced "lock"), Canyon (boy), Chilean (pronounced Killian.. boy), Syrisa (pronounced Sa rissa)...


Pipa - February 14

One of my favorite names is "Story" for a little girl, it's whimsical and pretty and, yes, I got it from "Lady in the Lake." No shame! One suggestion I would give is try to imagine your child at all stages/ages of their life with the name. Some names I love seem ridiculous when I think of them on an older woman! Just trying to be considerate to future children. Kudos to thinking outside of the box! Babynames dot com (won't let me type address) has some interesting ones. Also, some of the coolest names I have heard come from way back in history so maybe you could look back into your cultural roots?


TucsonHelpful - February 14

What about the name Amari for a girl? It has such a nice flow. Or Sicily, Mariana, Kyla? For boys, there's Asher, Guage, Cross, Micah, Sky, etc., etc, although those might be a little more trendy than unique... Julian is always a nice boy name as well :-)


moescrilla - February 14

love your ideas tucson- especially since my son's name is Micah and if I have a girl I'm naming her Mikyelah (kylah for short) lol


kelley32 - February 15

I named my daughter Saydie ... we fell in love with that name.


Eileen - February 15

I am 20 weeks and also thinking about names. My Hubby and I like Dane or Emery for a boy which do you like better? For a girl we like August or Marcalie...again, I would appreciate any opinions on this. Thx


Angelaw. - February 16

My son's name is Maxson which I think is pretty unique! I do like the name Dane and Asa for boys. For girls I like Lela and Ma___li. Good luck


mrs.vegas - February 16

for a girl....BASIL, HAZEL, EVANGELIA...for a boy, i don't know...this is where i get stuck. we have our girl name picked, but the boy name is so difficult to decide on!


vistagirl81 - February 16

my mohter felt we had to have unique names,,, hers was Kahty Smith:P so she named her only son Nayland,,, her daughters,,, Shakina, Arjinette, Tavaja,Trinesha,Daquina, Coloney:P good luck



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