Unique Ways To Tell Grandma

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A - May 3

I am 9 weeks pg now and I have not told my mother yet. She loves being a grandma and I know she will be excited. I wanted to tell her on mothers day when I will be 10w 2d. Does and one have any creative ideas? Like a card for grandma from the baby, but I'm not real sure what to write in it. Any suggestions would be greatly apprecited.


Liz - May 3

You could wrap up a baby bottle filled w/ candy or a baby book and tell her she'll be needing to read that very soon : ) Congrats to you!


jena - May 3

the bottle is a GREAT idea!! I'm 9w1d with twins and my mom isn't a grandma yet (I'm 23) and I am telling her this weekend too! I'll be 9.5 weeks. I bought a book called, "So you're going to be a grandma" and I am going to put inside of it our ultrasound pictures. So hopefully she'll get it and see the two sacs! Great question, A!!


Lynn - May 3

Hallmark has these really cute journals for grandparents.. they are over by the photo albums & stuff. It would be cute to wrap it up & give that to her, maybe with the bottle too. I wanted to surprise my mom too, but my brother & girlfriend are pregnant & due in June & mom is a ditz, if I gave her something cute like that she wouldn't get it, she'd think I was giving it to her for their baby. So we just told her a few weeks ago when my Godmother was out visiting.. Let us know what you decide on & how it works out!


KrisD - May 3

If you do a card, just write something like "I can't wait to meet you! Love, Baby so-and-so". I did that for my husband. For my parents, I brought over a little gift bag. In it was a teddy bear I found at hallmark. It was a pregnant bear, in a T-shirt that said "baby on board". But, careful how you do it... My mother was so excited. But my father was a little different. We needed to get him a chair.... QUICK. He spent the night pacing and out of breath. Very excited, but I guess it was pretty hard for him to take (it's their 1st grandchild). Yikes! Let us know how it goes!


A - May 3

My parents already have 2 grandchildren, one is 13 months and the other is 6 weeks. I think they will be happy and actually wanted to wait until my first us on May 16, but I am already showing and my sister figured it out so now I have to tell before she does.


Stephanie - May 3

I think that for mother's day you should have your mother and father and his as well over for dinner and serve things like "baby back ribs" "baby corn" "baby carrots" and any type of baby food that you can possibly think of. If no one can catch on with the theme then I would have little gifts to give to the four of them when they are getting ready to leave.


Ellie - May 3

I think that bottle idea is cute and may have to steal it! I'd put Mand M's or her favorite candy in it. Congrats!



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