Unprescribed Clomid Study

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Carolina73 - April 14

So, as a soon-to-be premed student who is going to specialize in fertility, I've gotten really curious about all of this. I want to do a study on unprescribed clomid among women who do not have fertility problems but are using it in hopes of multiples. My study will be composed of several questionaires and interviews, one for before conception, one for shortly after, and one post partum. Although, I would LOVE updates too. If you're interested in participatign, let me know.


Krissy68 - April 15

You can count me in. Krissy68


schar - April 15



Carolina73 - April 16

Yay. I'll write up the questionaires. Schar, I don't have your email, so I'll need that.... or you can email me at X_NIKI.FORD_X at yahoo dot com. Remember, there's a period between niki and ford.


Carolina73 - April 16

Okay, so I've put together all the components of my study. I just need more participants. I'm hoping to make a webpage regarding all of the facts we find from this study. So, there will be four questionaires, one taken pre-conception, one taken at sixteen weeks gestation, one taken at thirty weeks, and one taken post partum. I will also ask that each participant write one blog or journal entry per week and email it to me. I'm hoping to publish the study in a book and on a website. And the journal aspect of it, will humanize more than straight facts would.


esmeraldausiahon - April 16

i'll participate, my email is esmemamaesme at yahoo dot co dot uk


schar - April 16

as long as my name and e-mail aren't on the page i'm in


keerthy - April 24

Sure ....... am In tooo :-)


mama4andmore - April 26

i will do it mostmagicalbox yahoo dot com


Carolina73 - April 26

Schar, and Keerthy, I still need your emails to send you the forms.


Carolina73 - April 26

Krissy, Esmerelda, and Mama4, I sent the three of you the series of questionaires. Remember, that I will need a weekly journal entry from each of you. It's a VERY important part of the study, because once published (hopefully in a book) it will humanize it. Without delving into the lives and emotions of the people it affects, then all it is is numbers and statistics. Hopefully we can make a breakthrough with this ladies. :D


Teddyfinch - April 26

but then wouldn't it be encouraging women to go out and self diagnose, putting themselves in danger? i mean i don't care it's all their decision, but at least these ladies here have women they can talk to who do take it and are monitored. and i believe 3% is the increased chances of twins and around 1% for more.


Carolina73 - April 26

Not necessarily. These are women who were ALREADY planning to take clomid. They aren't taking it just for the sake of my study.


schar - April 26

scharchris at yahoo com


Teddyfinch - April 26

hmm, good point, i suppose.


sphinx - April 27

Hasn't anyone else raised the BS FLAG on this topic... I don't think there is any study. You would all have to sign releases and what not. This person wants this knowledge and information for other reasons. Maybe she wants to take u/p clomid herself or maybe she is pulling a clever phishing scam? Either way, I would advise you ladies not to give out personal information on these so-called surveys


Carolina73 - April 27

Dude... I'm not using it for any other reasons other than to satisify curiosity and maybe add some statistics. It's so hard to find information on this kind of thing. It's NOT a phishing scam and it's not anything else bad either. Sheesh. I'm just curious and thought it'd be an interesting subject to do a study on. This is by no means a professional study (which I explain in the information given to participants) but it's more of a project. You don't have to be rude and mean.



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