Unprotected Sex Could I Really Be Pregnant

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Melissa - May 19

I usually have unprotected s_x with my boyfriend, but he doesn't finish inside of me, however one week ago he did. My periods are a month and a bit apart, and I think was ovulating, or about to but I'm not sure. I know it's only been a week later, but I am peeing alot more, like every 2 hours and having some va___al discharge. Could I be pregnant from this one time that he did finish in me?


to melissa - May 19

hello...knock...knock...is anyone home? no seriously though, not to be rude, if you are having unprotected s_x, and even if you are using the pull out method, THERE IS A CHANCE that you could be pregnant, if you dont mind me asking, if you dont want to have a baby, then why would you have such risky s_x?! wait until you have missed a period, and then test. good luck to you!


April - May 19

Goodness... I got pregnant from the pull out method... if he actually came in you then yes... there is a very high chance that you're pregnant... how do you think the people who are trying to conceive do it?? If you don't want to get pregnant you better either get on birth control or use a condom (if you're not already pregnant)


TO MELISSA! - May 19



Kiera - May 20

If you were ovulating around then, it is very probable that you are. If you had just ovulated, say a day or so before, it is unlikely, however you say you use the pull out method.. that is very unreliable. There may still be c_m in his pre-c_m. You will have to wait before you take a pregnancy test but if you do not want to get pregnant in the future i suggest BIRTH CONTROL! Good luck hun


Melissa - May 20

Now just the other day, I took off my bra and noticed that my b___sts were really sore, and especially to the touch. I'm not sure if this is just PMS though but I don't usually get this. I am still peeing alot and my discharge is still there has been creamy and white. Does this mean anything?


m - May 20

you said one week ago he did ejaculate in you. And now you say just the other day, what like 4 days after he came in you, you're now experiencing b___st tenderness, peeing, creamy discharge. For symptoms to begin appearing it would be a wee bit longer than all this happening in one week. Sounds like you haven't even missed your period yet. So you'll just have to wait and see. But YEAH, girlfriend, you CERTAINLY CAN GET PREGNANT with unprotected s_x. Pull out method is not very wise method if you're not married.


don't listen to them ! - May 20

Melissa, u go girl , have loads of unprotected s_x, it is known to be the most reliable birth control , the best on the market, ( and it is even safer around ovulation date) ! Don't let anyone tell u that u CAN get pregnant with unprotected s_x, they don't know a thing ! OH and.....Unprotected s_x is good against STD's as well . Well done girl!!!


lilmum - May 20

uh, yes, you could be pregnant. Even if he didn't "finish" inside you. My first child was concieved while attempting the pull out meathod. He never actually came in me, but i got pregnant anyway. It's called precome, or preejaculate, and it can get you pregnant.



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