Unprotected Sex A Few Days After Period Has Ended

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kimmy - December 28

my boyfriend and i had unprotected s_x 4 days after my period had ended. Although he did pull out when he c_mmed. Could I be pregnant?


j - January 6

yup, think about it, sperm lives for 72 hours, meaning even though u just got off ur period, you could still get pregnant because ur ovulation date is around 6 days after your period ended, so it could happen, you can also get pregnant when ur on your period, because of the life span of sperm, its a slim chance but still can happen


lasucia - January 7

thats how I got pregnant


Mellissa - January 7

If you aren't sterile and you had s_x, you can always be pregnant, regardless of the time of the month. Although it's true that for most women, prime baby-making time is 4-5 days before you think you're going to ovulate (ovulation usually occurs 14 days before the start of your NEXT period) a women's body isn't a machine and it can sometimes throw a curve. It is never safe to have unprotected s_x if you are trying to avoid getting pregnant so use protection ALL OF THE TIME. Who know's when you're going to ovulate, even if you are often on the same monthly cycle? You may have a stressful month (something known to cause variables in a womens cycle) or you may be ill. Or, your body could just be out of whack that month. The point is: Yup, you could be pregnant. A few days after your period would not be the ideal time to TRY and get pregnant but that doesn't mean it aint' possible.


christina - January 19

i had unprotected s_x two days before my period and got my period, then had unprotected s_x after my period and didnt have my period then next month but im not sure when i got pregnant before or after my period?


Mellissa - January 19



Michaela - January 19

J..your wrong.Most women DO NOT ovulate 6 days after their period.The truth is MOST women (not all) ovulate 14 days after there period.I usually ovulate on day 20 or 21 because my cycle is 33-35 days long.You,can get pregnant anytime during the month..sperm has been shown to live up to 7 DAYS inside a women's body!


Mellissa - January 20

Sperm can live up to five days (72hours) No matter what type of cycle you have, you most often ovulate 13-14days BEFORE the first day of your next period. This is why Michaela below, with a 33-34 day cycle, ovulates on day 20-21, it's 14 days BEFORE her next period. You can only say that you ovulate 14 days AFTER the first day of your last period when you have a standard 28 day cycle. No matter which day you look at it, the 14th day is smack in the middle. 4 days AFTER the first day of your last period and 14 days BEFORE the first day of you next period. But remember, a womens body isn't a machine and it isn't on someone's timer or under someone's control. Something could happen to make your cycle wonky, even for just one month, and you could ovulate sooner or later than you think. This means one thing: If your a fertile women having s_x with a fertile man at ANY time during the month, there's always a possiblity of getting pregnant. It's less likely if you're having s_x so close to your period.


janice - May 24

my period ended yesterday and i had s_x today. how much of a chance is there that i will get pregnant. i doubt i will because my uterus lining is all gone. how worried should i be?


natalie - September 4

i guess u ca because i had the same problem when he pulled out i was not ovulating i did not get pregent but chances are u can because u are ovulating due to your period.


lovely - September 23

i had unprotected s_x and then had my period a few hours later, could i be pregnant???



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