Unsure And Confused

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worriedteen88 - January 15

okay well this all happened before christmas and im kinda worried cuz im gonan be starting college soon and i want to know exactly what going on. i had a light "period" last month wouldn't call it a period at all really i noyl bled one day and i beraly did anything in that day only one pad for 2 hours and alnmost nothing. but anyways now this month my period came on a little heavier but still not quite as heavy as usual. and i stopped birth control before sleeping with my bf because i accidently missed 4 days when i went to visit my mom and forgot my pills to take with me. so i had to wait til the next pack. and i haven't missed any but should i stop until i know if i am. cuz i have been lightheaded and craving and well just alot of other things and im really tired al the time but i get my sleep. like normally i go to sleep and wake up several tkimes in the night but not last night or lately at all. but i feel tired when i get up now even though i get at least 8 hours of sleep. and alot of other things say happens when your preggo. should i get a test done or is it all in my head?


JudithLayne - January 15

i think you should take a test just to put your mind at ease but dont be suprised if it comes up negative cuz ive had my "periods" like wat you are talking about how they were shorter and lighter and just not normal. i finally went to get a blood test today cuz i still feel preggo but i havent been able to get a positive from the hpts.. but just try a hpt first and if it comes out negative and you still feel preggo then go to a doc and get a quantative hcg blood test done..hope this helps and good luck!!


worriedteen88 - January 15

thanks it does. i gotta go to the doc anyways so im gonna see about it then. cuz i dont hvae any way to get a hpt test right now.


samah77 - January 15

worried, dont stress out I think thats primarily the cause of ur period not being regular, go and get tested and put ur mind at ease. Its more than likely to be the pill and the disruption its causes in ur system and STRESS!!! so get tested, tc xxx



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