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Raye Lynn - May 13

It drives me crazy when people ridicule names that are unusual. We found out yesterday that we are having a little girl. We want to name her Rainey Jane. We love that name and have gotten lots of support, but LOTS of criticism especially from family. I have an unusual name and got teased in school, but if it wasent my name, it was something else. Oh well, I guess I should do whatever we want and not worry. Anyone else agree?


jb - May 13

As you can probably see I started the thread for Hayden a girls name. I have been getting a lot of great responses but no one in our family likes it. I think I am going to have to stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and go with my 1st instinct. Good Luck!


Lissi - May 13

Yes! Just go for it! It's your baby, you call it what you want. They'll get used to it. Lots of kids have unusual names now anyway. I once looked after a little girl named Ocean.


Julie - May 13

I don't think Hayden is that unusual and it sounds OK to me for a girls name. I just wouldn't want my son/daughter to be made fun of so we made sure we picked out a nice name that wasn't too common but not too unusual. Kids these days get picked on enough I just wouldn't personally pick out an unusual name. By the way my son's name is Benjamin and we call him Ben and the names we have picked out are Boys: Nickolas, Luke or Owen for girls Isabella, Alaina, Cecelia, Sofia, Vanessa, Grace, or Elizabeth. Again do what you want she's your daughter this is only my opinion. there are so many beautiful names why pick something strange.


Julie - May 13

To each their own it's your baby and other opinions shouldn't matter but that is just me personally. My sister was going to name her daughter Esme and the family talked her out of it which is a good thing her name is now Anna. They are glad they changed her mind because she is the child from hell and with a name like Esme it would seem worse!


Maddie - May 13

I've heard of a little girl named Rainey, and I remember the first time I heard it I thought it was very unusual. I thought it sounded gloomy...like Rainey Day or something. But... it's just something you'll have to get used to and once people know her, they will not think it is unusual.


^^^ - May 13

I wanted to name my little girl Adrienne but my mother-in-law kept telling me she didn't like it and that she wanted me to name her Anna (and her niece already has a girl named Anna)...some people have a lot of nerve. This is what I think though...when they buy the diapers and pay for their college education then they can name our kids!!


D - May 13

I like unusual names.... which is why I'm not all excited about Jane... and I do like Rainey. I had a dog once named Baby Jane... the rhythm reminds me of that... And when I was little, I knew a girl named Rainey. She was nice, I liked her. And 12 or so years ago there was a girl on the news named Raina Bo. The thing is, it doesn't matter what I think or like - or what the name reminds me of. Its your daughter. Name her what you like. I don't think we should be intentionally cruel with names, but if we worry about what some kid might be able to pick on someday, we wouldn't name our kids anything, and then they would still get picked on for that. Everyone will have something that a name reminds them of, dog, person, place, ex-girlfriend, whatever. Don't let it worry you... Now, we'll just see if I have the nerve to take my own advice! If our baby is a girl, I want to name her Echo. And yes, it reminds someone of their ex... and some say, "echo, echo, echo..." and say she'd be teased. I have had to give up on the middle name I wanted... Rilla. My husband says he doesn't want his daughter called a gorilla. So, we've not mentioned Echo as a name in 5 or 6 years, and we're not mentioning it now! When its on the birth certificate is soon enough for everyone to know. More often than not, people I know who have changed the name they wanted because of other people's opinions have regretted it later.


Sorry - May 13

not crazy about Rainey it reminds of summer, april and such names like that. Just my opinion you asked.


leslie - May 13

I LIKE OCEAN!!! IN spanish they have names like star, moon, ocean, names of flowers, sky, and I love them, but I am having a boy and all this names are for girls.


to leslie - May 13

Forest, Cole, and River could be boys names. I even met a little boy named Falcon. I know Forrest Gump ruined the name. The kid will listen to "run forrest run" forever.


M - May 13

Are you going to call her Rainey Jane, or Rainey? I know two kids one is named Stormy the other Sunshine. Stormy is called Stormy, Sunshine is called Shine. I guess Rainey is Ok, but at first 'glance' it's kinda strange/unusual, if you were to call her Rainey Jane, well that kinda sounds way deep South. But you name your baby what you want. People will get over it. If she doesn't like it when she's older, she can call herself Jane. Jane is a cool name. in my op


Raye Lynn - May 13

M- she will be called Rainey. You mean way deep south like Raye Lynn? My name? Oh well, I guess to each his own. I, honestly, am surprised by all the people who expressed they dont like it much in a post about how it drives me crazy that people ridicule and disagree with unusual names. However, you all agree its my decision, which it is. We should probably just not tell anyone until after the birth certificate is signed. Thanks to all who answered my original post and thanks for the honest posts.


not really - May 13

sounds kind of hippie to me... plus it wont look good on a resume in the future. i would not put any name that kids would make fun of when they are in school.


Raye Lynn - May 13

Ok people, I get it, the majority of you dont like it, but please read the original post. I was asking if anyone else was annoyed by people presenting ridicule and disapproval of unusual names. Thanks for your opinions, but it is a beautiful name to us, not hippie, not strange, not gloomy. It has meaning and connections. Thanks again.


rach - May 13

don't listen to anyone she's your baby my daughter is called chrishanne christina christopher(christopher is her surname)


bump - May 13




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