Up The Hole Why Do They Do That

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Kendell - April 19

When i gave birth to m son after words when the doctor checked me after checking the frontal area everything was fine then he quickly stuck his finger in my butt ..it hurted for a few seconds but everyone was in the room with me still .Why di they do that ...soem people was telling e taht is normal but why do they do that


toes - April 19

bunhgk9, between either getting an enema or pooping on the delivery table, having a clear egress isn't a problem from what I've read on some of these threads. Not even gonna comment on the rest of yer post, cept to say EWWWWW


bryanne - April 19

to check if you have hemroids. sometimes they're inside and still need to be treated.


Wibble - April 19

Urgh!!!! Do they really do that?! I NEVER heard that before!


Staci - April 19

They check for damage, but mainly they also can tell by examining rectally if your organs are all back in place.


Wibble - April 19

Oh no. Something else to look forward to. Blurgh! Why didn't anyone tell me these kind of details before I got pregnant?!


j - April 20



Sam - April 20

No doctor is sticking his/her finger anywhere without my permission! How awful, Kendell! Did the people in there with you comment? I'm rather a hot head so I think i would be pretty peeved at that doc! Did you ask him why he did that? And so soon after you had your baby? Like you didn't undergo enough, so they had to add this little nasty to your experience. Icky!


tara - April 20

shouldn't doctors tell you what they are about to do and why before they do it???? that's pretty disturbing that a doctor would do such a think with out saying a word! YUCK! Thankfully my Doc explains everything to me but I sure will mention to her that I will need to know what she is doing and why at all times during and after labor. ewwwwww. :o(


Carol - April 20

Okay, I now VERY concerned about this! There is no way anyone is putting a finger up my tush! That is just disgusting. I am sure that they can check my organs(if that is what they are doing because I don't think that your organs move) another way. I am going to ask my doctor about this at my next appointment. If she says they do, I will be telling her she won't! I had this happen one time and it was so painful that I couldn't sit right for three days!!


Amanda - April 20

Maybe I'm the odd one out here, but my dr. has done this at every physical, just to make sure everything is intact. I don't really see a problem with it - it's just a finger! It's not like it's the size of something else!!! I dunno...I guess I'm just not that bothered by this - I think I am going to be more worried about other things on that table other than a dr. sticking his finger up my b___t!!


leslie - April 20

ok, so first you poop and then they stick their finger in there....can someone please tell me what is next??



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