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Steph - October 30

Hi everyone. Here is an update on what's going on. I wrote about the e.p.t. tests. Well I went to the doctor on Friday and did a urine test that came out negative but get this... The doctor said she does not trust those tests and sent me for a beta blood test the same day. She did do a physical examine and said something about my uterus and how you only usually see that in pregnant women. She gave me a presciption for pre natal vitimans with a 5 time refill. She did not give me a definate answer as to if I am pregnant or not. She left a message on my cell phone today (Saturday) to tell me she will not have the results until Monday and will call me to let me know if she wants more blood drawn or an ultrasound. She already gave me the papers I need for both, and on the paper for the ultrasound, it says under History...early pregnancy. So I am still unsure of what is going on. I just wanted to let you all that have responded to my threads what is going on. Now what I would like to know is what does this sound like to you guys, yes or no? Thanks again all.


E - October 30

Steph, we of all people cannot possibly know if your doctor has no clue. Please let us know when you find out. I have my fingers crossed for you:) Pregnancy can be so trying!


Steph - October 30

Thanks E I will keep you posted. She was talking to me like I was but I guess the blood test will tell for sure(i hope) I was just confused as to why she would prescribe pre natal vitamins and a 5 time refill at that if I wasn't.


E - October 30

Waiting can drive a person crazy:) I would call the clinic in the late morning and ask for a nurse to give you the results including the exact number. Doctors take all day to get back to us.


Steph - October 30

Thanks I'll let you know tomorrow what the outcome is. My doctor actually has been pretty good about getting back to me, about 10 minutes or so. Can a person other then the doctor give me that info over the phone?


Steph - October 30

Oh yeah what is the range of numbers I should be looking for?


m - October 30

Steph, I hope you get good news. If your doc prescribed that, he may have either been wanting you to prepare your body for pregnancy now or in the future... OR he has reason to think you are pregnant, but didn't want to speculate until he has the test results back. Good luck! Keep us posted. Oh yeah, and I don't really know what the numbers are. The range is so so so wide, there isn't one particular thing you should look for. Some women's hcg levels rise much quicker than others.


Steph - October 30

Well hopefully its for now, because my husband let in the beginning of the month for the middle east, so its not like we can just try again next month. Thank you for your feedback and I will keep you posted, I should find out Monday.


m - October 31

Steph, my fingers are crossed for you!! Also, may God bless you and your brave hubby! Keep us posted.


wondering - October 31

Steph - how late are you for your period? I am just curious... I am almost three weeks late now with no period. I went for a blood test last week and it was negative..She wants me to wait another two weeks to test. I wish you the best!!!


Steph - October 31

My lmp was Sept.14 and I had some spotting around the 12th of Oct. My doctor thinks I am because she conducted a physical examine, b___st and pelvic included. I should have the results back tomorrow. The blood test I had done was the beta one, the one that measures how much of the hcg is present. E has posted about the 2 different kinds, I guess one of them only gives you a yes or no without giving any levels. Next time you go request the beta blood test. Hope this helps and keep us posted. Good Luck


kellie - November 1

Step sometimes the provide prenatel vitimans to prepair your body for preg even if you arent..they are a good thing to take even before you become preg I have found that if i keep taking mine and become preg again while on them i am able to keep them down better and dont get nausaus quiet so fast from them because my body is use to them...but good luck to you i wish you the best and hope you get the answer you are looking for while you may be starting early preg i am about to end mind I am 39 weeks as of oct 31st everyone thought that the baby would be here yesterday inculding doc guess they where all wrong still Preggers Good luck to you


Christine - November 1

I read last night the your cervix turns blue when you are pregnant. It is normally pink. Maybe that is why she gave you the vitimans. I'm sure it turns blue, because all the blood. It would be neat to know. Good luck I too hope you get the answer your looking for!


Steph - November 1

Thanks for all the feedback guys, I really appreciate it, especially with my husband gone at least I know I have you guys to count on, so once again thanks for the support. And Kellie congrats in advance for your new bundle of joy. Let us know how the delivery went.Is this your first?


E - November 1

Steph, keep us updated today. Fingers are crossed:) Call them b/c they will likely forget to call you.


Steph - November 1

Thanks E. I will give them until noon.(I am on EST) I am so nervous. I will right back as soon as I find out what is going on. By the way how have you been feeling?


Steph - November 1

Don't I feel like a dumba__s I meant to type write. Sorry I guess the nerves are shot.



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