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~m~ - February 28

Hey everyone!! First and foremost, I have to say HOW MUCH I appreciate all of the support I have gotten. You guys are the greatest. I love you all, and I LOVE this site! I got home from the doctor and logged on and caught up on the posting. It truly warms my heart to see that so many of you are being so kind and supportive! This is what I learned today.... my levels are now at 91. My new unlucky number = 91. Although it is devastating to be losing this pregnancy I wanted so bad, I supposed it is a relief to at least see that things are taking place as they should. I was afraid my levels weren't going to drop as they should, resulting in a D & C. My doc said that wouldn't be necessary. They drew about 8 viles of blood (ewwwwww!) and were sending it off to be tested for several things. Dr. said he is thinking that it has something to do with antibodies. He says maybe they are making me clot too fast and that is destroying the pregnancies. If that is the case, I will be put on blood thinner injections, as well as a daily dose of aspirin. While I do not wish anything to be wrong with me, I do hope these tests turn up something. That way, I can at least make sense of losing 4 pregnancies in 7 months. I only have 91 dustbunnies to give now, but ******* BABY DUST TO YOU ALL********** and for those of you who are interested, I have posted pictures of me and my hubby, as well as my 2 precious boys here: www.ourprideandjoy.piczo.com . So don't let anyone convince you that I am not proud of my sons...... I love those babies more than life itself. I hope to be blessed with # 3 soon. More babies to love! Love to you all xoxoxoxo


SugarPie - February 28

You're here!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!! I'm so glad that you're okay. I'm sorry that you're losing this pregnancy, but I'm so glad that you're not going to have a D&C. I just saw your family and you guys are gorgeous. What a fabulous family you have!!! I'm still sending prayers and love to you all. Please just rest and know that we're here to support, laugh, freak out and beat down if need be!!!! Much love to you***


SugarPie - February 28

Lord, I just realized I sounded happy. I am happy that you're okay. I was really worried that we didn't hear from you. So, I'm sorry if that seemed inappropriate. I'm just glad you're going to be okay! If you need anything, holler!! Love to you*****


Missy - February 28

~m~ you are an inspiration to us all. May God bless you and your beautiful family. Best of luck in life and love......****BABY DUST TO YOU****


MandyD - February 28

Heeey ~m~ - SugarPie and I have been anxiously awaiting your update - and when I say anxiously, I MEAN anxiously! Well, I was hoping that things would turn out differently, and that you'd get your 3rd little blessing this time, but the body knows best! I am so glad that you're alright, and that the miscarriage should go as normal (I know, that sounds horrible to say!!). I'll be praying that you will get your little miracle soon! BTW, I checked out your pics, and you do have some beautiful little boys! Kobe looks just like you and Cy looks just like hubby! They are both very adorable - you have a beautiful family!! : ) Get plenty of rest, so you can get back to that BD'in soon! Here for you as always, for whatever you need! Lots of Love comin' your way sweetie!


rose - February 28

~m~ i m also glad to hear your doing okay...we were all thinking about you today...im sorry for your loss...your sons are adorable! hopefully the doctor finds a reason so they can correct it!!!


J - February 28

~m~, I am glad you are doing okay. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers...the best debater I ever came across!!!


KeeKee - February 28

I am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy lost. I never know what to say to someone who deserves a healthy pregnancy but dont have one. I always feel like mother nature is is keeping you from having a unhealthy baby. Maybe God needs him or her more. Just Remember God wouldn't give us more than we can handle. I will be praying for you and your unborn child......... BLESS YOU


Heavenly - March 1

~m~ I am so sorry sweetie. I wish I was there to give you hugs xoxox I know that it's hard :o( but I have a good feeling that things will look up for you very soon. Just don't give up! Stay strong! I will be here for you as will all of us! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Much luv to ya lady :o)


tiffani - March 1

~m~ I was really worried yesterday when you didn't post. Again, I am truly sorry for the loss you and your family are going through, it breaks your heart, and it breaks mine. I wish you nothing but the best, and may the best one day include Lucy Bella. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I wish you much love & strength during these difficult times. XOXOXOXOXO


momof3 - March 1

~m~ I am praying for you honey. Just remember we all have your back with that nasty "woman" nancy! I hope they find out what's wrong so they can fix it. I'll be reading your updates.. Jessica


~m~ - March 1

Hey everyone!! I just cannot express how much I appreciate all of the support you guys have shown me! Both in consoling me during this difficult time, and in defending me against the psycho! :o) Today, the bleeding has started. Even though it is extremely uncomfortable, I am glad to know that my body is pa__sing it on its own. I was so worried that I would end up having to have a D&C. I have heard those things are horrid. Thanks again ladies! My doc put me on a couple days bedrest both for physical and mental reasons. So I'm just going to lay back and do nothing. If I start feeling a little better, I may go get me a pedicure. Those foot ma__sages are a cure-all! Thanks again ladies!!!! ((((((((INTERNET HUGS TO GO AROUND)))))))) XOXO


MandyD - March 1

Hey ~m~ - I'm so glad to hear that everything is working as it should. I hate that you're having to endure this again, but I know you'll get your miracle when it's time! : ) Relax, and pamper yourself silly hun!! BTW, you kicked nancy's a__s on the other post!! YOU ROCK! Lots of love and ((HUGS)) to you sweetie!! Here when you need me...Mandy


E - March 1

Just out of curiosity, do you feel better having known in advance that you would MC? I was never given the warning, even though they could have predicted a MC if they had bothered to look at my hCG and pick up the d__n phone to call me. I think it may have helped to soften the b__ws I experienced. What about you?


To M from Lindsey - March 1

M- I'm sooo sorry to hear your loss. I lost my 2nd baby in October. I can't imagine the loss of 4. The pictures of your family are beautiful. We all know how much we love our children and yearn for more. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you. God has a plan for you M, and I hope you will be blessed again with a healthy pregnancy. Hubby and I are ttc after my m/c. I am 24 and was always under the impression that m/c's only happen to 'older' women not young ones, but unfortunately they do. Anyways, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong!!! Love and hugs!


Moe - March 1

Hey ~m~ you have such a beautiful family!! And I am so sorry for your loss. Hopefully the Dr's can find out why ya'll are having miscarriages. I am so glad that your OK and everything happens for a reason and I will be thinking about you and your family through this tough time... Keep us updated and very much Love to You!!!


w - March 1

Aaaah ~m~ I think ur a great person and love all ur comments happy and sad ones. I know that you will get ur baby girl hang on in there don;t never give up for I have faith in u!!! I wish u all the best and make sure you tell us ur daily updates as some of them are soooooooo funny adn now I goint o have nose of your family. All the best xxxx



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