Updated Pics For Everyone

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Dez - March 7

Hi ladies I just took some updated pictures of me and baby Ana so you guys can check out my post pregnancy weight, lol I got a ways to go. Lots of Love-Good Lucks-And Congratulations www.babyana.piczo.com


Dez - March 8

Oh I wanted to say that everyones families are beautiful and E your fillin out there lol, I remember how miserable I was I almost could barley reach to wash certain places. I said that I was definatly losing weight after the baby because I couldnt stand being that big without being pregnant because I couldnt see certain body parts and it was freaking me out. Good luck on sleeping E. Baby Dust to you m and. KM lets just say I feel your pain, lol and love. The rest of the ladies keep the pictures coming I love to see them, and I forgot who said this but its true there has been alot less fighting on this site since we all seen eachothers faces.


Jenn - March 8

Dez- you and your daughter are very beautiful. She has so much hair!!! I know it is an old wise tale, but it's all for fun anyhow....did you have lots of heartburn when you were pregnant with her?


E - March 8

Wow, Dez. You both look SO pretty!! I loved Barbie when I was growing up. I had everything one can imagine. Half the fun was setting up the Barbie home, and once that was done, I didn't feeling like playing, lol. I was very creative with stuff in my bedroom and how I could incorporate it into Barbie's home. Again, Ana is absolutely beautiful!! She looks just like you:)


E - March 8

Oh, I wanted to say you are trimming down nicely while I am ballooning out:)


Dea - March 9

Jenn yes I had tons of heartburn they even gave me a prescription for it and I still had very badly I couldnt even drink milk without getting heartburn, lol. E I was all for barbie too, but lets see what baby ana is going to like, maybe the bratz dolls so she can be all stylin she is gonna have losts of toys and books and, and I dunno what, lol. Thanks for saying I was trimming down, lol before I got pregnant I had just lost ten pounds so my weight now is actually where it was before I had lost that ten pounds so Im still trying to go down. dont worry only a few more weeks and you will be deflating too. Its crazy after I had the baby I felt so empty and at the hospital all i did was eat because they dont let you eat the whole time your there before you have the baby, so be sure to eat before you go in.


Dez - March 9

oops that last post was from me, lol


Jess - March 10

Very nice pics dez!!!!


~m~ - March 10

Awwww Dez, she gets more gorgeous all the time!! I still maintain that she is the most beautiful baby girl I have ever laid eyes on! Ok, it's official, I'm looking in to buying a home near you so I can be your full time babysitter! LOL The pounds are just melting right off of you! You go girl! I'm trying to shed a few "baby pounds" myself.... yeah, baby pounds from 2 frickin years ago!! I just like to call it that so it won't make me feel like I'm an overeater.... which I am! I have been out of the loop a few days so I apologize if you've answered this somewhere else, but have you started your period yet? Or have you done hpt? Just wondering about you. :o) Thanks for the baby dust girlfriend!


E - March 10

I had a dream about my baby the other night and he looked EXACTLY like ana, but he was my boy. I knew when I woke up that it was based on her pics. She is so precious.


Dez - March 11

lol E thats crazy I bet he may sort of resemble her just because of the ethnic backround on both of them. Yes m I finally started my period, its actually going as we speak, lol so no im not pregnant. you can babysit anytime i cant seem to get over how cute she is getting and i always wonder if she is really cute or if its just cuz shes mine,lol. hey i have been using this cloth i bought on ebay to remove stretch marks and i rub the area with it every night and its been like bringing them to the surface and then they scab up and dissapear its crazy but its working, i should of bought it before, because i saw it when i was pregnant but thought it was stupid but after i saw all those stretch marks I got desperate, lol. Its an actual thumbs up cloth.


Dez - March 12

Hey girly's whats up


Kari - March 12

Hey Dez, I just ook a wee peek at your baby pics, hope u don't mind. She is an absolute darling, congratulations! I signed Ana's guestbook there too. Give her lots of cuddles xxxxx


Dez - March 14

Thank you very much kari, and thats ok if you look, lol thats why I posted them


w - March 14

Hey Dez, What is that cloth called? i'll be needing some of that or no bikini's for me! By the way baby is fab!!!


kat - March 14

she is soooo cute!


Dez - March 14

http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsa__sZbestbuybyfar if that dont work look up item number 5563255597



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