Urgent Need To Know Who To Contact To Donate Cord Blood

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Urgent - May 9

I am going to be induced in a week and have been trying to get a number to call to get a kit sent to me to donate the cord blood. Does anyone know who I can call?


Misty - May 9

Call your doctor. I really don't know who you would call for the Kkit info...but your doctors office would know, and if not the hospital you will be delivering at should know. I am so happy for you that you are able to do this. :-) I really want to...but, I just can't afford over a grand for it. :-( GL. With that and with your induction. And may I ask...why are you being induced? If you don't have to yet I would hold off, it seems like it makes things more painfull. I had asked a question on it a while back and the answers were all the same. I had one a while back that I thought was very painfull but I hadn't really needed it yet and I wish I would have told the doctor to hold off. He hooked me up to a machine to see if I was contracting ON my due date and when I wasn't he set up for me to be induced two days from then. There was no need for it and I just wish I had known.


Maleficent - May 10

just an idea here, but have you thought about letting your baby keep it? we have a strict rule that the cord not be clamped or cut untill it stops pulsing. it's still bringing oxegenated blood to and from the baby; we preferr to let it finish doing it's job. plus, donation or not, collection is expencive, i doubt you'll find a place to donate to that is willing to cover the cost.


Jenn.... - May 10

There are places that you can donate your babies cord blood to. Most people don't realize that there are pulic banks that store cord blood for those children that need the treatment. Cord blood does not have to be an exact match like bone marrow does, so it is not always necessary to store it in a costly private bank. Here is a link of places to donate - http://www.marrow.org/NMDP/non_nmdp_cord_blood_banks.html _____________Urgent, it may be too late I think you have to sign up to recieve the kit to donate by week 35, but maybe you can find one if you look really hard that can expedite the process for you. Good luck!!


Jenn... - May 10



Jenn.... - May 10

Okay remove the - from the link and it will work. I hate that this site always does that when you post a link.


one last thing from Jenn... - May 10

http://www.cryo-intl.com/cordblooddonation.html This link is a place that will accept donations from anyone anywhere in the US


bump - May 10



Katharine - May 10

My hospital and doctor both provided info on cord blood donation, but I had to order the packet a while ago and send it in well ahead of the birth. I am donating to a bank in St Louis. The hospital has to participate in the program. The hospital where I had my first baby did not, so it was never presented as an option. The donation program I am using is not for personal use or a storage program, but is used to help others or to be used in research. I feel this is a way that I can aid in stem cell research that is acceptable within my beliefs.


Katharine - May 10

The number for the St Louis Cord Blood Bank through Cardinal Glennon: 888-453-CORD (2673)


Urgent - May 10

I haven't heard of letting the baby get all of the blood...never thought about it. Also, I asked the hospital about collecting cord blood and they told me to ask my dr.. I asked my dr's nurse and she told me to ask the hospital. Told her what they said and she told me to get on-line and find out info. here. Makes me wonder about what I'm doing going to this hospital and dr..



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