Urgently Need Help Very Confused

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Kate - May 22

im so confused, i get nausea, and some headaches, i also go a bit fainty. but i am on the pill. i dont take them as well as i should... im only 15 and dont hava a clue whats going on! answer as soon as possible please as i need some answers.


felicia - May 18

ya need to take a preg. test from the store, or go to your local clinic and they will give you a free and confidential one. all the symptoms you have mentioned sound like ya could be pregnant, and even if youre on the pill, yea, you can still become pregnant. good luck and let us know how it goes.


Christy - May 19

Kate, You should go see a doctor. Eight months ago, I was on the pill and got pregnant. I even took the pill faithfully! I started feeling fainty and very nauseated, so to rule out the possibility I took a pregnancy test. Come to find out, I was pregnant. Pregnancy affects your HCG level, which is a hormone produced in your body due to pregnancy. The increased HCG level can cause your body to react with side effects such as nasea, faintness, headaches, moodswings, etc. Go take a pregnancy test ASAP!


jess - May 21

my best advice to you is to use the patch. its a very much easier method of contraception. you cant forgeth it! you can wear it for a week at a time and then your period will come predictivly on the fourth week when you take off your third patch. very easy i did it and never missed a patch. also if you miss a pill you CAN get preg...all it takes is one, also if you cant take the pill at the same time everyday i strongly suggest switching to the patch. it will be easier for you. good luck and I hope things run a lil more smooth for you in the future :) Jess


emily - May 21

you need to go to your doc. or some adult that you can confide in. I know that pregnancy could be scary, but it needs to be taken care of a.s.a.p!


jan - May 21

kate you should go to someone you trust especially if you have had intercorse. Please take your pill correctly.


Kate - May 22

would i have periods if im on the pill or would they come anyway?



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