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trixiebee - January 24

We are moving cross country back to our home state of MN in 2 months. If I get the pregnant between now and then, what happens with insurance? I'm familiar with "Pre-Existing condition" clauses, but those don't really even exist anymore b/c of HIPPA. But there was a clause in any new policy about being pregnant, saying they won't cover it. Do I seriously have to do COBRA or WAIT to get pregnant? (the latter would stink, we're already having problems and it'll take 60-90 days to get new insurance going!) Double c__p! Ideas?


Jenn - January 25

well, I would definitely read the maternity clauses in any insurance poilicy. I know that some have it to where you need to be at the job for 12 months or some time frame before they allow maternity coverage. So, I would check that first.


Melissa30 - January 25

I don't know about other states, I live in Georgia and I got United Healthcare. I got coverage in June 06 and got preggo in August 06. My pregnancy has been covered completely.


savy - January 25

Actually I've been trying to apply health insurance (NM), and I've been been rejected 3 times! They told that I can't until after I have the baby because of the pre-existing condition. BUT, I've never heard of HIPPA, what is that? I applied for medicaid because I didn't know what else to do, and they pay for everything, including birthing cla__ses. But, I'm only working part time and I barely qualified for it, so it all depends on your income. I uesd to be on COBRA and it can get really pricey. You should apply for insurance before you got pregnant.


Georgia - January 25

you HAVE to get on COBRA if you want to be covered by insurance. You will never get any type of insurance if you are pregnant, and most insurance that you purchase individually can and will exclude pregnancy for a specified period of time. If you get insurance through your employer or your husbands employer, you and a pregnancy will be covered.


momma3tobe - January 26

I have a similar problem, my husband is changing jobs and I am already pregnant so I don't know if I will be covered. I thought I had heard that insurance companies were no longer alllowed to refuse to cover a pregnancy under those circ_mstances but I am not sure.


Mrs.Ireland - January 26

IIf you google Pre Existing pregnancies go to the first article on ivillage and according to the article a company can't deny you for being pregnant.


cindernar - January 26

I think here in Louisiana, pregnancy cannot be considered a pre-existing condition. I thought that was a national thing, but apparently not! I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and I'm about to hop right on to my husband's policy when I quit work in a few weeks. The only way they wouldn't cover it is if I had insurance as well. Then, they could legally consider it a pre-existing condition. This stuff is so confusing.



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