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AMBER - June 9

Why do people ask perfect strangers if they are pregnant or not? Some of these threads are rediculous.....down right stupid....ones like, i missed my period, could I be pregnant? I had s_x, but we didn't take our clothes off, could I be pregnant? I had s_x with my boyfriend on the 2nd and then I had s_x with my husband on the 5th...could I be pregnant? If so WHO'S IS IT? Will my baby be gay? I'm white he's black, wonder what my baby will look like? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!


Jodi - June 9

I know what you's like for God's sake, take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor, then come talk to us!! WE ALREADY KNOW WERE PREGNANT! LOL


I know!!! - June 9

I think somewhere I read "can I get pregnant while pregnant"!!!! Crazy stuff out there!!


Lisa - June 9

I like the ones that ask "how do you get pregnant" lol


Jodi - June 9

what about the ones that ask what THEIR baby will look will it have red hair, or be gay, or be light skin or dark, or what color eyes will they have.


to AMBER - June 9

i think that YOUR post is rediculous! i know for myself personally that i am TTC, and coming here, and asking you all what you think about my SYMPTOMS is conforting to know what everyone else went through during this process! TTC can be a very emotional process with all the highs and lows, and chatting with the nice women on here is a way to pa__s the time until a HPT will be at its best effectivness...if you cant understand that, then i am not sure what is wrong with you! you need to be more compa__sionate to others needs, as i am sure that the other women on here are with your needs. you just need to relax, there isnt a thing that you can do about the posts on here, so just calm down...if you dont like the t_tle of a question...THEN DONT READ IT!!!!!! move on with you life, and enjoy your pregnancy if you are pregnant, and dont stress so much! good luck to you!


to jodi - June 9

HOW RUDE!!!!! just because you are already pregnant doesnt mean that you werent here ttc as some point! yes while you may already know that you are, there are a lot of women who dont know yet...a lot of things could cause this...for instance HCG not building as quickly in their system to give them a positive result...SHAME ON YOU! you are no better than anyone else just because you already got pregnant, and how insensitive to the women who are TTC!


And... - June 9

So it turns into yet another b___h thread. To "to amber" practice what you preach and choose not to read the thread, the b___hing needs to stop.


to to amber - June 9

ok whoever you are....when you get pregnant, or if you want to know if you are already pregnant, why don't u just ask us.....we can really tell you if you are or not.....when you do ask us what color eyes it will have and hair too and we could probaby tell you that as well....I think YOUR rediculous and LIKE YOU SAID IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE POST, DON'T READ THEM.....B


AMBER - June 9

To to Amber.....i was just making light of some GENERALLY STUPID QUESTIONS.....Go back and read post again. If you are TTC then why are u in the GENERAL PREGNANCY FORUM AND NOT ON THE TTC FORUM?


Christina - June 9

i meant * or and * not instead of pr and nit...


Christina - June 9

don't let them ruin it for you...there are plenty of nice women on here who want to offer advice. Good luck with TTC!! best wishes!!


to christina - June 9

Your baby will have black hair and brown eyes, at it will be a boy, and may be gay......oh, and you CAN get pregnant if you have s_x with someone with your clothes on! lol....get a grip girl!


? - June 9

I don't want to know why your here....I could care less.


Christina - June 9

give me a break I have never come on here asking if I was pregnant or any of that c___p so grow up.


AMBER - June 9

I wasn't trying to be mean to anyone, just thought that some of the questions on here were STUPID!!! I think I would take a test or go to the doc first before I started asking those questions....some of them like will my baby be gay, i wouldn't ask at all!!! Anyway, if you don't like it...get the hell out of this thread and give someone else a hard time! SHUT UP!


to christina - June 9

I think she's talking about the people who do.....grow up girl.



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