Using Baby Oil During Sex Higher Or Lower Chances

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Gemma - October 3

Does anyone know if using baby oil as a lubricant during s_x can higher or lower the chances of becoming pregnant. Me and my partner use this a lot and I have just started trying to conceive.


Kris - October 3

lol I don't see why it would make a differance? That's not really the idea behind "baby oil". haha I dunno though.


D - October 3

Be sure that you orgasm either with your partner or after he does. That helps the sperm to move along faster.


Bonnie - October 3

I dunno bout the chances but how on earth do you use that?? lol Woooh, I use that stuff and it's yeast infection city!


Gemma - October 3

I have never had an infection from using baby oil. I love the stuff it is great fun and everything seems more sensitive. Can get a bit messy though so have a towel handy.


Kris - October 3

Personally, I prefer products that are actually meant to be used as personal lube. =P


Lisa - October 4

You should not be using baby oil as a's not good for your body. Use K-Y and another product developed just for that...there are lots of them out there.


pbj - October 4

Baby oil is not water other words it won't rinse out of your v____a so you WILL get an infection eventually if you're using it during intercourse. Baby oil does not have spermicide in it, so it would have no bearing on whether or not you could get pregnant, in fact if that's what you're using to keep from getting'll probably end up pregnant. You need to use K-Y or some personal lubricant like Lisa said. How old are you anyway? You probably have no business having s_x much less unprotected s_x.


Gemma - October 4

PBJ Actually I am 21 and I have been with my partner for 5 years and living together for 3. We are not using it as contraception because we are trying for a baby.


Steph - October 4

I would not use it....and I have heard that you are not supposed to use KY or other personal lubes while you are trying to get pregnant. It's like they block the spermies from geting to where they need to go. There are some that are sperm friendly but I cannot think of their names at the a google search and see what you can find!! Good luck and have fun!!!!


pbj - October 4

Well, if you're 21 I'm not exactly sure how in the world you wouldn't know to not use any oil based lubricant inside your v____a. This is not new knowledge, it is well known..think about it sweetie, does baby oil rinse off your skin with water? No it doesn't, so how in the world do you think you're going to get cleaned out of your v____a? I didn't see the part that you were trying to conceive...why would baby oil increase your chances of getting pregnant? That makes no sense at all. I think maybe you should learn a bit more about your body before trying to create a least learn a little about what to do or not do if you do get pregnant.


Gemma - October 4

PBJ I don't know who you think you are but you have no right to criticise me. I know plenty about my body and I was just trying to ask if it can lower the chances of the sperm getting in not for a lecture thanks.


To: PBJ - October 4

Why do you keep speaking to her as if she's stupid? Read her post please. She's not asking if baby oil helps you get pregnant. She's simply stating that they like to use it and would like to know if it will interfere with her while TTC. I used baby oil once and never will again as I itched so bad I was going insane, lol. But hey, what they use is up to them. I have no clue if it would interfere. With KY, my hubby and I used this and concieved on the first attempt (and I'm 34) so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Maybe ask the doc to be sure.


To: Gemma - October 4

LOL you beat me to it :P


Lisa - October 4

You need to use something your body can naturally absorb; oil based products are not one of them. Go to some shops and ask for what they have; they have a big selection and it will be better for your body. I won't let my husband near me with any kind of product that is not approved for that use.


ImmortalRose - April 11

My mom had used Baby Oil for 25 years, it was the only lube that didn't give either her or my dad an infection... I've been using it for the past six months with no problems, but now that I'm TTC I might have to try going natural!


kimcraig277 - October 3

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