Using Household Cleaning Products While Pregnant

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jennifer - June 26

I use scrubbing bubbles to clean the bathroom,endust to dust with and 409 for the kitchen.are these safe to use while pregnant? jen


Chris - June 26

I have used all of the above when I was pregnant w/ my now 6 yr. old daughter. I also used Windex & Lysol on a daily basis. The only thing I do recommend is not to use ammonia in full. It's very strong. Also if you are cleaning w/ chemicals, you can purchase latex or synthetic gloves & hepa filtered face masks while tidying up around the house. (Or on a lighter note, get someone else to do all the housework for ya! LOL!)


Shelly - June 26

It is much safer even when you are not pregnant to use natural cleaning products. Indoor air pollutants are:Aerosol sprays, solvents, glues, cleaning agents, pesticides, paints, air fresheners,and drycleaned clothing. These things can cause asthma,eye, nose, and throat irritation; headaches; damage to liver, kidney and brain; as well as various types of cancer. The effects of indoor air pollutants range from short-term effects - eye and throat irritation - to long-term effects - respiratory disease and cancer. Exposure to high levels of some pollutants can even result in immediate death. Based on cancer risk alone, federal scientists have ranked indoor air pollution as one of the most important environmental problems in the US. Many groups are especially susceptible to the health effects of indoor pollutants. These include infants and the elderly, those with heart and lung diseases, people with asthma, and individuals who have developed extreme sensitivity to chemicals. Unfortunately, these are the people who often spend the most time indoors. Children and infants are more vulnerable to harmful impacts from air pollutants than adults for several reasons. They breathe more air than do adults, relative to their body size, and have greater metabolic growth requirements. Their activities create exposure that is unique for children. Children spend 86% of their time indoors, on average. The home is the primary location where they spend time. Often children's activities bring them into close proximity with indoor sources. For example, young children spend more time on the floor where they are more likely to come into contact with and/or inhale toxic chemicals.


Shelly - June 26

Why take the risk? It is easy to just switch to natural cleaning products. There are many to choose from, ant they are just as effective an their toxic counterparts. Check out your local health food store. The brands I use most are: BioKleen (My favorite. All their products work well. I even washed cloth diapers with their premium laundry detgt.), Seventh Generation (Toilet cleaner and liquid dishwashwer detgt.)Bon Ami Cleanser, Ecover,and Life tree. These products are NOT any more expensive than the mainstreem grocery store products. In fact, I am sure that I save money on laundry detgt. Happy, healthy cleaning.



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