Uterine Fibroids

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trixiebee - January 16

I'm interested in hearing from women who have them. They found a "small anterior 1.5 cm" one during an ultrasound. No one seems to be worried. My mom had a couple, as well. Do you have any non-pregnancy symptoms from them? What about being pregnant? thanks.


Tracy88 - January 16

I am 22 weeks pg and have a 4cm posterior fibroid. I had another one on the surface of my uterus, but had it removed during laparoscopic surgery a month before getting pg. The only thing I ever used to feel before getting PG was a cramp if I got up from the couch too fast or something like that. I also had painful periods, but they found some endometriosis during my lap, so that could have been the cause of that pain. After surgery I had one period then did a cycle of shots and got PG, so i can't say whether the surgery took the fibroid cramping/pain away or not. Now that I am PG, I occasionally get a cramp when I get up too quickly, but that also comes with having a large belly and pressure being put on the lower abdomen and hips by the fetus. The way the doc explained things to me the other day is that it is rare for a fibroid even the size of mine to cause much pain. It all does really depend on its location though.


jessica72 - January 17

Tracy: The coincidences just keep coming! I think you and I are due around the same time with girls. I too have a 4cm fibroid that my doc is monitoring with regular u/s. So far the baby is doing great and the doc doesn't seem to think my pregnancy won't progress normally and to term, but of course there is always a small risk. Trixie, your fibroid is very small, and if you get pregnant they will monitor it's size and location to make sure it's not in a precarious location. I have experienced no symptoms with mine (i have three smaller ones too) before pregnancy and now I just experience some mild cramping from time to time which might just be normal ligament stretching. They're very common, especially as you get gulp "older" hate that word, so I wouldn't worry too much...just listen to your bod. Hugs :)


Tracy88 - January 18

Jessica, if you don't mind me asking.....how old are you? I will be 37 in February. I am being monitored with monthly U/S's as well. My next one is on my birthday.


jessica72 - January 18

Tracy, I turned 34 in September. The doctor told me that it's not too uncommon to find fibroids in women in their 30s, but I always thought it was something that afflicted pre-menopausal women. Also that it affects African American women more. Well, I was always one to go against the norm. :) They suck and are worrisome, but having the monthly u/s are nice. I just pray that I don't go into pre-term labor and if I do, not too early. Glad to have somebody to chat about it with. :)



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