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randi - December 10

today i heard from someone that when your 28 weeks and over your not supose to vac_me has anyone else heard this?


rl - December 10

oops I am 32wks and vac_med today and everything seems just fine....I think someone was messing with you


Lin - December 10

...or giving you a nice excuse to get your husband to do it. :P


randi - December 10

no her doctor told her not to but ive never heard of it if it were true my carpet would look like c___p


Depends - December 10

If there is a reason, your doc would tell you - just being that late in preg is not a reason though... Housework (light) is no problem no matter what stage of pregnancy. I vac'd the house when I was in labor - no harm, no foul...


Jbear - December 11

I knew one woman with a history of multiple miscarriages who wasn't allowed to vacuum during pregnancy. Not all vacuums are equal, though, mine is self-propelled and really easy to push.


Jenn - December 11

I mowed 20 lawns a day up till 4 months no choice, and was fine now I am 23 weeks.


Judy - December 11

I don't really understand why vacuuming would be dangerous. You are just typically pushing it around, and not really carrying it. I don't know why of all things someone would have told you this, unless you are a husband or someone else that is being hosed by your pregnant partner or friend? But I've personally of all things to avoid doing never heard of vacuuming being dangerous in a typically routine pregnancy.


kr - December 11

I have no problems vac_mming but my dh offers to do that and clean the bathrooms! That's fine with me! ;)


randi - December 11

im a pregnant women not a husband i was told this by my uncles pregnant wife and a couple of other women at a baby shower i persnaly dont belive it myself i vac_me all the time and im fine was just woundering if anyone else has hear this


Jamie - December 12

My mom told me that I should vacuum if I wanted to go into labor...that was when I was 36 weeks, though, and had already had a difficult pregnancy; I would've tried it, but I have hardwood floors, so don't even own a vacuum. Ask your doctor.



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