Vaginal After Cecerian

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Kit - November 28

How many of you have opted for a VBAC( va___al after cecerian). If not why?


Jennbj - November 28

my sister wants to do a VBC but has been discouraged by her midwife. I wish the doctors would be more supportive. she also doesn't have insurance so another c-section would cost a lot. her first c-section was only done because the baby was breech, not because she was too small or anything like that.


Rhonda - November 28

i would like to have a v____al delivery but my obgyn says no because i got pregnant 4mos after i had a baby by c-section(which was due to baby being to big to fit through birth ca___l.


lf - December 1

I had a VBAC 4 years after a C-section. Everything was fine except for the 3rd degree tearing.


~m~ - December 1

My first son was born C-section. With my 2nd, my dr. told me I could do VBAC if I wished. However, I didn't do it for a couple of reasons. I read that there is a risk of uterine rupture. And that was a bigger risk than I wanted to take simply because I lived over an hour away from the hospital. A lot can happen in an hour, so I opted for another C. It is a personal choice. I say if you want to and feel comfortable about it, go for it. Whatever you decide, good luck!


Kit - December 1

The reason I asked is because I know there is the risk of uterine rupture but if the signs are closely monitered that the issue is completely controlable. I want to have a v____al, but I started reading on-line some horrer stories that resulted in death of women's babies. I'm still trying to decide on whether I want to try, because although it sounds like everything would be most likely would be fine, it sounds like for the baby everything would be 100% certain O.K. for sure with a C-secion. So I was just curious on some other's opinions on this while I'm still trying to decide for myself.


Jamie - December 1

The risk of uterine rupture is about 1% if you go into labor naturally. Induction by pitocin increases the risk by more than 50%, I believe. You should talk to your doctor about whether or not you'd be a good candidate for VBAC. What was the reason for your first c-section? If it was baby's size or position, you're probably a good candidate; if you needed to be induced because of pre-eclampsia or some other complication that could recur, you probably won't be a good candidate.



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