Vaginal Delivery

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terinae - July 19

This is kinda of a TMI questions, but can anyone tell me, how does your va___a feel and your insides after va___ally have a baby. And does it hurt when you pee, how did you get over it. I am scared that it will hurt.


Melissa - July 19

I am wondering the same thing!


Julie - July 19

For me, it was pretty easy to get over. But, everyone is different. I've had two babies (I'm 26 now, JUST pregnant with my 3rd), and they both were pretty similar. I had an epidural with both. The first time I was SO scared and told them I didn't want to feel ANYTHING, and they gave me SO much medicine. But, I asked for it. I couldn't move my legs at all, and had to be "rolled over" every thirty minutes by nurses and my husband. That was embara__sing. But, the next time around, I told them I didn't want to feel the pain, but wanted to be able to move my legs, sit up, ect. So, that's what they did. It was AWESOME! Such a great experience. I can't wait for the next birth of this new baby. I could feel the baby moving through the birth ca___l, but it didn't hurt at all! It was great. It made the birth so much more special, because I could totally feel her when she came out and made her appearance to the whole world! It was great! Have I said that enough? I had episiotomy's with both also, and that was pretty easy to get over. Here are a couple of tips that made it easier. You'll be bleeding a lot, so have really good maxi pads, to catch everything. Whenever you go use the restroom to change a pad, or whatever, spray the area with warm water (the hospital gives you a special bottle with multiple holes, to spray the water in all different directions). Then when you're all cleaned up, spray the area with dermoplast spray. GREAT stuff. The hospital gives it to me, but I'd have an extra can of it at home in case it ran out. Then, to top it all off, put like 3 tucks pads, spread out, on your pad. Those feel SO good. Really help. That was actually something I looked forward to those first few days. That stuff really helps. It never hurt to pee, and the first time I had s_x after (after 6 week check-up) was a little wierd, but after that time, everything felt back to normal. The only thing that was kind of scary, is if you tear or have an episiotomy, then your first BM (tmi) can be scary. Simply because you don't want to tear your st_tches. They give you a stool softener at the hospital, to help you a long. That's always a momentus occasion. kinda silly, but the way it goes. All in all, an AWESOME experience. Nothing like it in the world. Good Luck!


Katharine - July 19

Well, in my case, I had a v____al delivery without episiotomy or tears, so I guess it is as "natural" as they come. I felt like my entire insides were going to fall out of my v____a. Not in a painful way, just a "loose" way. The whole genital area was very swollen and red. They gave me a rubber glover filled with ice for the swelling and some dermaplast to numb the area AND some tucks pads to cool the area. As for going to the bathroom, I don't remember peeing to be especially painful, just weird. Plus, sorry TMI, there was a lot of blood, so it was easier to stay in bed with the absorbant pads than to get to the bathroom and clean up all over again. That was the main discomfort I remember. Within the day, though, I was walking around and everything, though. Sorry, it's been four years and I'm going to have another in about a week, so my mind has possibly blocked out the really bad stuff?!?!


Maleficent - July 19

few more tips for getting through you approach your due date eat plenty of fiber. not enough to give you diareah but enough to keep things "moving". that first BM can be kinda scary but don't put it off or it will only get worse. the donut cushions are good to have. they take the pressure off the area while it recovers. ma__sageing my tummy helped pa__s alot of the "gunk". your belly is going to feel very strange, kinda like jello, but it will go back to normal.


BBK - July 19

I don't have that sort of anatomy, but according to my wife, the uterus kept contracting for a couple of days especially during b___stfeeding. She was OK with pee, but since she wasn't moving much she got a bit of constipation and #2 hurt more. Overall though it was her back pain that has been more of a real pain. The rest is minor comparatively speaking. She also got swolen ankles AFTER delivery. Word of advise: When you get discharged from the hospital ask for extra maternity pads. They are more gentle and soft than just regular pads and I the local pharmacy does not carry them



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