Vaginal Farts

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Fatima - July 13

Lately I have not only been real gassy, but I also feel like if I were farting from the va___a. I know its nasty, but Im curious, could it be air still coming out? Im 7 weeks pp.


sahmof3 - July 13

Oh no- I can't believe I'm going to answer this:) But, I've had this, too. Whether that's where it's coming from or if it just feels that way I don't know. My dh and his buddies at work got on this topic (he swears he didn't bring it up or mention me, but I dunno:o) and they call it "queaf" (sp?). I'm not much help, but you're not alone.


DB - July 13

Yeah, I think all ladies have these once in a while. It's just air!!


tbtemplet - July 13

I have had this too... I am trying to get pregnant now. I am 9dpo It happened this week!! It feels weird....


sanya12 - July 13

sorry to b___t in but how far along were you guys when you found out...


j. - July 13

it's called "queafing" and is most common during s_x especially in the doggy style position.


Fatima - July 14

I had my baby 7 weeks ago, and it happens very frequent. Im guessing it is the air from the uterus that is still coming out. And I know about the queafing. It is a little different, because that happens with friction and humidity. But this is just air coming out.


kristie h - July 14

I think it is so shamefull during s_x, i always wounder what my dh thinks about it lol. Fatima congrats on having the guts to ask imagine if noone replied. LOL


Fatima - July 14

I know!!! I was going to put anonymous, but you know.... we women have all these strange things during and after pregnancy. I just had to ask, because I thought this was going to be forever now. HAHA


knelson - July 15

Just wanted to let you know you're not alone...I too have that issue. I didn't unitl after I had my first child. It usually occurs during or after s_x, and after I lay down for awhile and swing my legs over the bed. I really think air gets trapped in our v____al ca___l and leaks out sounding like, well, a fart. Guess we've just gotta laugh!



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