Vasectomy Or Tubal Ligation

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HE OR SHE? - October 9

I realize people on here are pregnant, so most of you may not know personally. But maybe you've experienced through family or friends. I'm having my third. So this one's going to be it for us. I just wanted some advice on what you all have seen to be better, safer, or just easier to have done physically and emotionally. The man having a vasectomy or the woman having her tubes tied? Thanks!


P - October 9

A vasectomy is a fifteen minute office procedure while a tubal ligation is considered major surgery as you have to be "put under".


MJM - October 10

Vasectomy!! My hubby is going to get one after our son is born. less evasive and easier to reverse if we wanted to. Our friend has a vasecotmy and he was down for just one day with swelling and up and back to normal the next. But if you are having a c-section then get them tied.


Michelle - October 10

Be careful with the vasectomy. I am 39 and my boyfriend had a vasectomy a year ago and I am 12 weeks pregnant.


k - October 10

Vasectomy-like P said it is a fifteen minute procedure for the man and they are usually out of commission 1 day and plus you are the one who has to go through the 9 months of pregnancy and the labor- so it's only fair that the man has to give something to the whole baby making thing -besides feeling good.:)


M - October 10

Oh I agree with "k", we are preg for whole 9-10 months, go through labor and give birth, b___stfeed and etc. I am sorry but they can do a little 15 minute procedure with all that we go through, and plus the whole getting tubes tied is alot more dangerous also.... VASECTOMY is the way to go..


Julie - October 10

My husband and I have been discussing this as well. We are having our second baby any time now and have decided against more children. I have done enought research to see that a vasectomy is a much cheaper and easier procedure so my husband is going under the knife! I feel like I have been pregnant for 2 years and have gone through enough it is his turn.


L - October 12

I'm not sure any more that a vasectomy is the best way to go.My husband had one four years ago after our second child was born and now here I am,pregnant again.


A - October 12

The vasectomy is definitely easier. It's just a doctor's office procedure. Tubal ligation is a surgery! This is how it is going in our household (and my husband knows it): I had the babies, he can have the procedure.


Hi - October 12

Can someone do a price comparison. I am sure since the tubal is a "in hospital" procedure it costs more, but how much more. An average will do.


TO HI: - October 12

You can go to BABYCENTER and look up both procedures there. The vasectomy has two different procedures that can be done. Both cost between $350-$550. The tubal ligation averages around $1,000 - $2,500. I think insurance would pay for most or all of it for you though. But you should prob. call around your area and do comparison too.



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